A Transparent Programmatic Marketplace: What Will The Next Wave Of Innovation Really Mean?
By Randy Wootton, CEO at Rocket Fuel Inc.

John Lee @johnleemerkle, the Chief Strategy Officer at Merkle @merkleCRM), recently wrote an article in AdExchanger discussing the next phase of programmatic marketing and the shifts we can expect to see in the industry over the next three years. In the article, he addresses the maturation of the marketplace that is beginning to embrace the potential of digital advertising. He notes that in the next few years we will begin to see advertisers establishing more direct publisher buying on premium inventory that’s bought on an audience guarantee, rather than impression guarantee. This puts the focus on quality and the ability to deliver exceptional experiences to consumers.

We couldn’t agree more with our partner, Merkle. This idea speaks to Rocket Fuel’s current initiatives and focus on reaching the right person, on the right device, with the right message. We are already releasing our next wave of innovation — focused on providing better viewability and more transparent offerings for our customers and partners. When it comes to viewability, our CTO, Mark Torrance addressed it best in a recent LinkedIn post when he said that while the increase in viewability points to increased sales, this strategy doesn’t take cost, performance, or scale into account. However, at Rocket Fuel, we believe that you can have the best of both worlds — viewability and performance.

We are committed to addressing this by providing ‘actionable transparency’ to all of our customers. We define this as visibility into a process that actually helps marketers make better, smarter decisions. To that end, we launched our interactive Marketing that Learns Graph, a powerful and simple data visualization tool that shows how our Moment Scoring technology uses artificial intelligence to learn what works best at an individual campaign level and then optimizes when and where our DSP buys new “moments” over the life of a customer’s campaign. The graph shows number of attributes, cost per acquisition, along with cumulative number of conversions over the course of the illustrated campaign. Marketers can now see and understand how our Moment Scoring technology is actually learning over time and identifying which attributes work best for a specific campaign.

This will create a more transparent environment for our advertisers to understand how their campaigns are working and what they can do to increase the efficiency and the performance of those campaigns. As we advance our actionable transparency through tools like this Marketing that Learns graph, our hope is to shatter the black box perception that clouds much of the programmatic space, as we parse data at a velocity and a volume beyond human scale, and translate it into very human understanding.

We just announced our Q2 results, and while I am pleased with our progress, I am even more excited about the opportunities we see before us in the second half of this year and beyond as we continue to build out our world class Moment Scoring solutions and lead the next wave of programmatic innovation in the marketplace.

Originally published at www.linkedin.com.

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