Quote: There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. — Peter Drucker

Just a quick background: With the very recent merger of my organization with another company, as expected and probably required, the newly-formed company released some branding guidelines. This was duly posted in the company site that is accessible to all employees.

So what happened? Well, yesterday, my Outlook stalled. Eventually, it sorted itself out, and I then realized that someone sent our team PDL an 18MB zip file attachment. 18MB, seriously?! And it was just the branding materials that I would download if I need it, and definitely at that moment, I did not need it.

Then today, I received another mail sent to our team PDL sharing the branding files/templates with a link this time. Then I looked at the link and it’s to a folder in the team SharePoint. So I guess, someone took the time to download the files, consolidate them, and upload them to the SharePoint. But I’d rather refer to the official source since they do occasionally release updates.

I appreciate the pro-activeness but I feel like it’s misplaced. I also appreciate that people are trying to be helpful, but sometimes we’re not as helpful as we think we are or as we could be.

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