Caching Slow Database Queries

Why should I cache?

  • Speed up slow queries
  • Reduce the memory and CPU pressure on your database server
  • Add some functionality to your application so if your database goes down (or during planned maintenance), you can provide some limited functionality to your users

How do I cache?

Preliminary Decisions


  • Significantly faster
  • No shared state for horizontal scaling. Each cache is unique to the one running application.


  • If your application is composed of multiple instances running, they can all share the same cache
  • Provides powerful features such as filtering keys

Create a Key


type Key struct {
Search string
Page int `json:"page"`
var key string = remember.CreateKeyStruct(Key{"golang", 2})


key :=  remember.CreateKey(false, "-", "search-x-y", "search", "golang", 2)// Key will be "search-golang-2"

Initialize the Storage Driver


var ms = memory.NewMemoryStore(10 * time.Minute)


Create a SlowRetrieve Function

type SlowRetrieve func(ctx context.Context) (interface{}, error)
type Result struct {
Title string
slowQuery := func(ctx context.Context) (interface{}, error) { results := []Result{} stmt := `
SELECT title
FROM books
WHERE title LIKE ?
ORDER BY title
LIMIT ?, 20
rows, err := db.QueryContext(ctx, stmt, search, (page-1)*20)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
defer rows.Close()
for rows.Next() {
var title string
if err := rows.Scan(&title); err != nil {
return nil, err
results = append(results, Result{title})
return results, nil

The Super Bowl

key := remember.CreateKeyStruct(Key{"golang", 2})
exp := 10*time.Minute
results, found, err := remember.Cache(ctx, ms, key, exp, slowQuery, remember.Options{GobRegister: false})return results.([]Result) // Type assert in order to use

Gob Register Errors


Project Location

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