My 6-Step Guide to Writing a Powerful Headline
Tiffany Sun

Hey Miss Tiffany,

I’ve got a favor to ask of you…but;

First off, really lilike your articles. I’ve been following Medium for about a year. I’ve responded to a few articles and got some good feedback on what I said. I took the plunge a month and a half or so ago and wrote my first article…and it tanked.(much sadness) I of course didn’t expect it to revolutionize writing as we know it, but it got zero play. Nada, zip, zilch, bupkus ( you get the picture 😏) Anyway, I’ve got another article in mind, and this one is very important to me. I recently started a job where I’m working alongside a lot of Muslims a lot of Muslims, and I wanted to write an article to counter some of the Dystrumpian rhetoric out there, so it’s very important to me that it be good. (here comes the favor part…) is there any chance you would be willing to do some editing for me? Or maybe give some feedback on a draft? I’d appreciate any help you’d be willing to offer. If you would like to chwck out what I have written already, my name is. M. Rockford Winsor. Thank you fir reading this. Be good.