What You Need To Know About Your Children’s Teeth

New research has found that 25% of all Australian children aged 10 and under have untreated tooth decay — a statistic which should ring alarm bells in every household.

The National Child Oral Health Survey 2012–2014 which involved data from over 24 000 Australian children between the ages of 5 and 14 also found that over 40% of children had decay in their baby teeth and that the prevalence of untreated tooth decay was higher than comparable countries, like the USA and New Zealand. The study also showed that one in nine children had never visited a dentist.

So why is this information so alarming?

For starters, oral health offers important clues about overall health. It is a window to a persons general health and well-being and problems in the mouth can affect the rest of the body. Another crucial fact is that the health of adult teeth depends on the health of a childs teeth and so looking after kids teeth from a very early age should be a priority.

So, lets take a look at what you need to know about your childrens teeth.

  • The basic substance of the tooth forms in the foetus, five to six weeks from conception
  • The 20 primary or deciduous (baby) teeth are almost completely formed inside a babys jaws by the time they are born
  • Baby teeth start to break through the gums at around six months, but some babies are born with visible teeth
  • Baby teeth play a role in speech development
  • By the time they are three years old, kids have all their baby teeth
  • Baby teeth generally start falling out around the age of six, with the final back molars coming out around the age of 12
  • Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body
  • Teeth are incapable of self-repair
  • Girls teeth tend to come in before boys ones do

Its also important to know about how best to care for your childrens teeth and how to encourage healthy oral health habits from a very early age.

Ideally, a baby should see a dentist before their first birthday. These early visits help create a positive dental experience from the outset and are an important way for parents or caregivers to get professional advice about the best way of taking care of their childs oral health.

The dentist will tell you all the things you should know about your childs teeth, including that:

  • A strong and healthy set of baby teeth has significant long-term benefits
  • Babys gums should be wiped with gauze after feeding
  • A babys teeth are at risk of decay from the moment they are visible
  • Tooth decay is actually classified as an infectious disease
  • Tooth decay is mostly preventable!
  • Tooth decay can occur with long exposure to liquids containing sugar
  • Babies shouldnt be put to bed with a bottle because the bacteria in the mouth will use the sugars in the liquids as food, producing acids which then attack the teeth
  • Pacifiers (dummies) shouldnt be coated with honey or any other sugary substance

Good oral health from a very early age is essential to good overall health, so its highly recommended that kids have regular dental appointments so that they get the best care and advice. You should look for a family-friendly practice such as Rockingham Dental Centre which has a reputation for the highest quality professional care and treatment as well as being a top-rated emergency dentist in Rockingham. To make an appointment, please ring 08 9257 1093 or visit their website, www.rockinghamdental.net to learn more about their full range of services, including baby and child-friendly dental care.