Survival without her was tougher than he thought,
I am strong enough to endure it,
He cried every night,
His male ego used to laugh at him everyday,
"You cry like a girl" it said,
"Be a man stand up and live up your dreams"
It screemed,
But his heart never listened,
Called out for her, 
She Didn't listened,
She was in her own world,
Pretending not hear him,
Known to fact he is the one,
Accepting the she was bound by her past,
Her promises,
Although she kept on repeating,
Promises are meant to be broken………..
He couldn't escape reality,
Slowly forging his heart of steel,
He stayed,
Vowed never to leave,
Turning into ice cold,
But his love remained the same,
He realised begging for love is not honorable,
His ruthless behaviour was bothering her,
She chose not to mention it,
Afterall she didn't loved him,
Or maybe it was just a lie,
To support her past,
She was ignorant as a child,
To include a metaphor,
She did cared,
Alas! Didn't expressed it,
On his knees he begged her for the last time,
She stood there motion less,
He felt like a lier looking for forgiveness from a stone,
Stoop up,
Brushed his jeans,
Stared her motionless………
No one uttered a word,
Nobody spoke,
Both stared,
But nobody spoke,
He turned his back to walk away,
Took two steps,
Legs heavy as lead,
Couldn't walk stood there,
Waiting for her,
Yet waiting for her………