Putting out the Twitter trashfire
Randi Lee Harper

Those are all great recommendations.
What if your client-side recommendations were implemented in a browser plugin that changed twitter.com?

The following ones could be done, IMO:

#1: Mute replies to a tweet
#7: Block hashtags or other tweet content
#12:A partial quality filter. Can filter tweets by egg accounts, young accounts, accounts with fewer followers, accounts that don’t follow you…The more API calls to find out info about a user the more detailed the User filtering could be.
#13:Show filtered tweets
#19:Disable twitter moments
#20:Toggle showing tweets from blocked users in search
#22:Only show notifications from followers (dogpile mode)
#23:Remember Mentions in Notifications tab

A browser plugin could be turned into a mobile app that shows the twitter website + plugin JS in a webview.

That’s only 8/23, and it might be bad to have a 15th not-perfect twitter client, but maybe “client for people who get a lot of online terribleness directed at them” could be useful enough to be worth developing.
I know this is free work for twitter but since they’re notoriously slow and deaf to issues like these, it might be nice to have _something_ until twitter does something, as well as to catalyze their dev team to put something useful in place.

I don’t want to sound like I’m calling for you to develop it. In fact, I have some free time and was thinking about doing a project like this. Do you think this is worth doing?

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