A look in the Mirror

It appears to be time for all Americans to realize who we have as President of our American States. Of course we all hear the name Trump daily, generally associated with yet another flap by the White House. But to clarify, can we all acknowledge the “royal family” is taking control of our government? A “dictator” who made campaign promises that were unconstitutional, beyond his authority, or simply impossible. It is time for some Americans to look in the mirror and admit, yes I voted this person into office…who has abused people around him, seeks fortune, fame and boasts about it. A man who ignores standard behaviour of former Presidents for as least the past 50 years. When was the last time our President was buddies with Russia, or praised dictators for their strong leadership? Seriously? We know the people who have been fired, while President Trump seems to think he can share information with anyone at anytime. Regardless of danger he has created for our people overseas. Our country is too great, too powerful, and hopefully reclaims our collective sensibility to reign in this man, and his band of billionares. Consider the consequences of his tweets, and ask is this how we want the world to see us? Is this how the leader of your organization does things? And yet we have someone throwing out all kinds of misinformation based on a world view only he can see. Only to discover there are international agreements made in the past we cannot walk away from. There are other countries involved. Now is the time for Americans to work together to insure our country stays strong. Starting in our neighborhoods, cities, counties, governor and review state and national representatives who support this President and agree with his ever shifting policies. To some this may sound like partisan politics. I am a 61 year old Christian Democrat, who is fed up with “extreme right” misrepresenting my faith, and the “far left” as well. The intent is for all of us to become better educated citizens and voters. And to make an informed decision when voting, to replace bumper sticker support. This is not to say one person or party is 100% accurate. But we should be able to determine if a person is simply unqualified for the job. Today we cannot walk up to the Oval Office and say you’re fired. Although I do think it would get good ratings.

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