New faces needed now!

At the local, state and federal level the Democratic Party needs you. Long-standing committed AARP members tell your grandkids to get involved in politics. Here is a short reason why this is important

  1. Hillary Clinton. She had her chance for the presidency, twice. For reasons that have already generated books, articles and arguments that have separated friends and family. Foreign and domestic opposition, as well as allowing Mr. Trump to walk all over her, unfortunately prevented what have been a unique presidency, but an effective one as well.
  2. Bernie Sanders. He had his time, becoming a Democrat long enough to run for office while providing a little assistance down ticket along the way. To some Bernie was the current day Pat Paulson or Ralph Nader of this election. In short, Bernie knew when to quit but instead arguably cost Democrats the election. Time to step away from the limelight, continue the fight but you can not to be the face of the Democratic Party.
  3. Elizabeth Warren. This woman is outstanding but should not be the leading voice in the next presidential election cycle. Her passion and drive for the truth cannot be matched. It is great to watch her in action going after Wall Street, and we need her to continue.
  4. Joe Biden. Joe you have unfortunately fallen short of the White House in the past. Apparently the timing was just not right. 2016 may have worked, Donald Trump’s junior high antics, nicknames and falsehoods would have fallen short against you. Because no one can question his service, commitment, belief in hard work and love of family. The tragedy he experienced as a young man, made him into a man who understands the concerns people are experiencing today.
  5. Nancy Pelosi. Nancy has been called the Democratic parties closest thing to an ATM, based on the large amounts of money she has raised and distributed throughout the party. As we have seen, large sums of money do not result in election success. Nancy, you have had a lifetime of work for the Democratic Party, The Democratic Party needs someone else to start a lifetime commitment to Party success.
  6. Howard Dean. You have said repeatedly it is time for younger people to take the reins of the Democratic Party, replacing “old people” like yourself. You have also made a bid for the White House, and worked for the DNC. But it is time to give your Twitter account a rest and remember you are still living with the shout that brought down your presidential campaign.
  7. Chuck Schumer. Having served in the House of Representatives, and then elected to the Senate, Chuck you have been fighting for priorities of the Democratic Party, there are a few that have done more to support the party. But it is time to let others take a leadership role.
  8. Elijah Cummings. You sir, are a national icon with a lifetime of serving people, recognizing and working for social justice for those treated unfairly in our society. As a result you have a personal library of experience to share with others.

Each of you and many others deserve gratitude from those who have benefited from your hard-working contribution to the political landscape. Even the Republican voters who don’t even realize how much your efforts have done for them. It can be fairly said that many GOP members realize the value of your work but cannot bring themselves to admit a Democrat may have done something positive for our country.

The Democratic Party needs you… Desperately. The Democratic Party is searching for someone to take the reins who can effectively reach beyond what was once the “base” of the party. This is not a request for anyone to necessarily retire or disappear. But it is the plea to give room for another generation to be seen by the country.

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