What the hell is going on?

Mr. Trump, to use your phrase “what the hell is going on? As an American who is watching you and your band of billionaires fumble your way through every aspect of governing this country… Destroying our image around the world, running our country with a Twitter account, having the royal family move into the White House, and family overseeing what everyone else is doing. Mr. Trump, “what the hell is going on!!” There are people with a lot more knowledge and a lot more important than I, who have for some unbeknownst reason failed to take you to the woodshed and force you to quit acting like a seventh grader. Mind you, I did not say, ask you… But rather in whatever fashion possible… Force you to quit acting like a seventh grader. You are supposed to be acting like my president not my younger brother. Because that’s what you sound like, that’s what you’re acting like. And evidently your “parents” are not exercising discipline whatsoever. You sound like a kid in his grocery cart seat at the store crying and hollering, who everyone is watching wishing they could stuff rag your mouth. I watched you and your cronies in various settings fire up crowds to a frenzy shouting “lock her up, lock like her up, lock her up!” And then you call her, “crooked Hillary.” I’m not going to defend Hillary, and that’s not my purpose. Nor is that what generates this question. In fact it is because of your own criticism and your constant complaints regarding the inept politicians beholden to interest groups they no longer know how to function. Moreover, you shouted and repeated and finally read the statement that you will be banning all Muslims from entering the United States until politcians figure out “what the hell is going on!”

I cannot keep up with all of these Russian meetings, all the people that met with each other, talk to each other, and information that was allegedly shared with each other. As an American I am embarrassed by your administration operating like a Third World country.

I don’t care how many lawyers you and your family hired. What kind of legal fights you are prepared to take on. You are my president, our president. The president who is supposed to lead our country… Everyone in this country. Instead I heard your campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and despite denial by many of your base… This slogan is nothing more than, Make America White Again. Why else would you want to prevent all Muslims from entering in the country, and want to remove 11 million Mexicans. And turn a blind eye to helping those in need.

Mr. Trump, "what the hell is going on!"

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