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With 4th largest economy in United States, Florida economy stands individually in top 20 among the World Economical standings. Florida is 3rd most populous state in United State after overtaking New York. State of the art infrastructures, business climate, ease of starting business, tax policies and continuous business growth provides tremendous opportunities. Attracting almost 100 million visitors annually Florida is now a Tourism powerhouse with some of world’s leading tourist sites. Overseas Highway, Walt Disney World (Orlando), Universal Studios (Orlando), Everglades, Kennedy Space center (Cape Canaveral) and world famous beaches South Beach, Fort Lauder dale, Miami Beach have made Florida to become one of the best places to live on Earth.

With businesses spreading along with every major industry, Florida has enormous potential for new start-ups and small business to grow rapidly. For a business to be successful requires multiple supporting factors in this highly competitive environment making the right contribution to improving economy.

Factors that make Florida the top location for Business Opportunities:-

Infrastructure: All the modern technologies for Highways, railways, Commercial airports, seaports have led the path for Florida to become ultimate Global destination for present and future development.

Business Trends: Adaptable business rules, policies and taxation system have bestowed business owners to start their new business in Florida. With no personal income tax Florida is heaven for personnel enjoying monthly income.

Trade: With 150+ Billions in annual International trade, Florida has shown remarkable growth for exporting with other countries. Commercialization of ports and airports also imparts huge potential of business opportunities in areas across Florida.

Industry: Due to its business favored location and modern architecture Florida has enticed some of the major industries to relocate their corporate offices in Florida. Major industries that contribute to its economical development are Construction, real estate, Tourism, Agriculture, Fishing, Food Products, Wood and has some mining too for phosphate rock, sand and gravel.

Tourism: Known for some world famous location and beaches Florida enjoys the benefit of tourist attractions from around the world. With prime location of beaches, Florida can continue to see the growth in tourism for coming years too.

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