What Does it Mean to be American?
Mark Suster

Definitely proud to be an American and very fortunate my parents emigrated from Japan. They eventually became a U.S. citizen along with my extended family. It was a very happy moment for everyone. America’s open arms have produced a talented pool of entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, scientists, and businessmen.

So true, “Like every first generation Americans I was stuck between loving my father and all of his family and just wanting to “fit in” and be like every other kid.”

Growing up in west Los Angeles, it was tuff being different but thinking back, I really appreciated being engulfed in Japanese culture and traditions. Our diversity in the U.S. has created many micro towns of wonderful experiences around food, clothing, jewelry, entertainment and discovery.

Thanks for sharing your deep roots that formed you into the incredible person you are. Welcome back from your vacation. Great video clips.