How to be a good dad in the face of tragedy.
Bellhops Moving

Nathan, I am a big fan of yours after reading about your story some months ago. I’m involved in the startup scene out here in San Francisco, but I grew up in Chattanooga. I actually went to highschool with your wife. I have to commend you on being one of the forefathers of Chattanooga’s bright startup-centric future. More than that, I commend you on the way you’ve dealt with this situation. I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

You also address some critical issues in the startup world that are in dire need of attention. Much like you, I’ve worked too many 60+ hour weeks prioritizing a startup above all else. It’s shameful to admit, but everything came second, including family, friends, personal health, etc. With seemingly endless amounts of work, opportunities that needed to be seized, people that needed to be hired, and products and features that needed to be built, how could you have time for anything else?

I regret that mis-prioritization. I am working hard to prioritize family with the same passion and fervor as I prioritize my startup goals, and you’ve been a major influencer of this prioritization shift.

We’ve never met, Nathan, but thank you.

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