May 15–31

Imaginary People


Mercury Lounge


This band already have had a lot of live performances and every time they sounded better and better. The band is experimenting in search of its own sound. So, some songs don’t go beyond the genre of indie and space-pop. However, the talented band’s leader Dylan Von Wagner brings his personality with a pleasant vocal, melodic sound and romantic mood, like Elvis Presley.

A great opportunity for a date or a romantic evening.

Dead Stars




This group can be an excellent substitute for the recently broken up Modern Baseball. A cocktail of grunge, punk and pop-music with obsessive simple songs with which you want to jump. The guys will gain experience, but they make up with their energy during live performances.

Max Pain and the Groovies




A slightly gloomy viscous sound of guitars and the high voice of Max Pain and the Groovies reminds of Jack Buckley with a more aggressive guitar and funky inserts. Originally from New York, bands sound resembles autumn night in New York. A little drunk, mysterious and pensive. As if you were alone.

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