5 (great) reasons to wear a short wedding dress!

Right, let me start by saying a short wedding dress NEEDS NO REASON. It is no less a dress! Any dress you wear to a wedding, IS a wedding dress! I hate that some people think that a short dress should only be for either those getting married abroad, in a registry office or for a second wedding! A short wedding dress is totally equal to a long dress. Phew! Now, that’s off my chest, let’s give you some REAL reasons why a short wedding dress is TOTALLY the way to go!

1) YOU CAN SEE YOUR SHOES! Obvious, but such a good reason!! Not only does this mean that your shoes aren’t hidden away, it DEFINITELY gives you the best excuse to spend a significant chunk of the budget on AMAZING shoes!!

2) YOU CAN DANCE ALL NIGHT WITHOUT WORRY! OK, so have you seen a bride’s long dress at the end of the night? RUINED! Dirty floors, catching on everything, idiots stepping on it, tripping over….the list goes on & on. With a short dress, you have NONE of those worries! You can walk, dance & spin on that dance floor all day & night long without any concerns about the state of the skirt!

3) IT WON’T SWAMP YOU! If you’re petite or not graced with the longest legs, a short dress can work really well. Whereas a big, ol’ ballgown could totally swamp your frame, a short wedding dress give you height! Remember — YOU are wearing the dress; not the other way round!

4) YOU CAN WEAR IT AGAIN! Especially if you opt for a colour to your dress, you are much more likely to wear it again than a longer dress! OK, so you might not wear it every week doing the shopping, but a party could very well mean you get to dust off that dress & rock it like a pro!

5) YOU DON’T NEED A TEAM TO GO TO THE LOO! Forget all those “how to” guides showing a bride backing onto a toilet with her dress in a bin bag! WTF? With a short dress, going to the loo can be done as it should be — in private! And your bridesmaids will thank you for it!

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