Finding the “one”. How to source that perfect wedding dress.

Shopping for the “one”, that all important perfect wedding dress should be one of the most enjoyable experiences of planning a wedding (for the bride, at least!). But, in this modern world of magazines, Google, Pinterest & Instagram, it can quickly turn into a minefield of jargon, conflicting advice and a barrage of images that relate little to how you want to feel on your special day.

Which style flatters your body shape? Which fabrics suit your tastes? Which colours complement your skin tone? The questions buzzing around your head can leave you stressed & exasperated and the worst? Falling in love with an image on the internet only to discover that it’s no longer available or was a one-off dress made by a celebrity dress designer five times your budget.

Most brides visiting us at Rock The Frock start from one place: they know what they DON’T want. And, believe it or not, this is a great place from which to start. Ruling styles out is the first step to finding what you really want before you even step foot into a bridal boutique. Yes, it’s true that many brides end up falling in love with a dress completely different from what they imagined, but if you know that a meringue isn’t going to suit your farmyard wedding then keep that starting point firmly in your mind.

Modern brides know their style and they want dresses which reflect that. Gone are the days where ladies are happy with rails and rails of a slight variation on the same dress. As the wedding industry becomes more fashion led and brides become more confident in demanding how they want to look on their wedding day, the choice has never been better to find that dress which truly reflects your personality and style.

It is possible to find a route straight to the perfect dress but it takes time. To make the wedding dress experience less stressful, more enjoyable & as easy as possible, have a read of my top tips!

  1. Do your research but listen to your heart

Reading every bridal magazine & wedding blog under the sun CAN leave you blinded. It’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you’re flicking or clicking through the thousandth dress that afternoon. Keep your body shape, your wedding theme and personal style at the forefront of your mind. That doesn’t mean you should choose just one style of dress, but at least think about what you don’t want. Our brides tell us they want to feel like the most glamorous version of them on their wedding day, not like they’ve been dressed up as someone else. Remember who YOU are.

2) Know your jargon

Spending a little bit of time learning the keywords of bridal designs helps massively. The term “tea length”, for example can actually mean any length which isn’t full length. “Arms” on a dress, are called “sleeves” and a “fishtail” will be fitted down to the thighs before flicking out at the bottom. This might sound obvious, but it really is key to cutting out a lot of unnecessary search results. Knowing fabric names such as “tulle, organza, crepe & silk” will all help you to define exactly what you’re looking for.

2) Use Google wisely

Many of our brides find us through Google searches, but you need to be specific about what you are searching for. Use keywords about shape, fabric & style, for example to narrow down the right designer & boutique for you. Typing in “tea length wedding dress blush lace” will be much more beneficial than “short dress pink”. Usually, once you’ve found a designer you fall in love with, you will find that you love more than one of their styles. Visit their websites & make notes of style names or numbers you particularly like. The designers should be able to tell you where you can find that style closest to your home.

3) Visit shops that reflect your style

If you’re a traditional girl, then head to a traditional bridal boutique. Sure, trying on different styles is part of the fun, but there’s little point heading to the alternative wedding shop if you know you want a traditional dress. Appointments are long processes and this will just waste your time as well as theirs. It’s a very good idea to have a browse of boutique’s websites to get a flavour for what they do. If all you’re seeing is long dresses & you are set on short, move on.

4) Too many cooks….

It’s very tempting to book a day out with your girls and take along 4 or 5 people with you to your first dress shopping session. I get it, you want your girls with you. But, think of it this way: how are you going to feel when 2 out of the 5 love the dress and the other 3 hate it? You can never please everyone & taking too many people with you really can be the worst thing for making a decision. Take one or two people you really trust the opinion of with you. It’s also really nice for your friends to have a surprise on your wedding day. There’s nothing nicer than seeing the bride walk down the aisle, seeing the dress for the first time, so don’t spoil the surprise by showing too many people.

5) Consider the aesthetic of your day

Quite often, brides can get really torn between two very different dresses. When this happens, I always advise them to think about the whole day. What kind of venue are you marrying in? What is the theme or feel for the day? This always helps with deciding on which style is going to “fit” with the rest of the day. Remember that nearly all wedding dresses will make you feel a million dollars so it’s easy to get led astray by a ballgown when what you really wanted was a relaxed lace dress!

Lastly, HAVE FUN! Wedding dress shopping should be an enjoyable & relaxed experience. If you’re finding it all stressful, take a step back & have a look again at what you really want. Try to block out those niggling doubts that others may have planted & stand firm. Be true to you & it will all be perfect.

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