Should I change my name when I get married?

Always a controversial issue — should I change my name when I get married?

I thought about this long & hard when we tied the knot. As a proud feminist, I understood that the historical connotations of this tradition aren’t necessarily those you’d want to reinforce. Having said that, there was little chance my husband was being offered a dowry to marry me so I figured that maybe it wasn’t as relevant as I first thought ;)

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For me, I think the name change is more about becoming a team. It’s a sign of unity. I felt very strange about moving away from my family name to another family’s name at first. It was almost like switching sides! But, for me, marriage is all about family. It’s about creating one (whether you have children or not) and joining together.

Recently, one of my brides was telling me that she is taking her husband’s name & her husband is taking her name! What a cool idea! It shows a real exchange of commitment to take someone else’s name & it IS a big deal (not mentioning all the goddam letters you have to send off to prove it AND having to PAY to change your passport!! What is that all about?!)

I’d love to hear from you guys about what you’re doing with your names after your big day? Are you changing yours? Double barrelling? Switching? Let us know! And, if you’re not sure what to do first, take a look at this helpful article!

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