Jumpsuits: The New Vintage Must Have!

Jumpsuits have been making its mark on the catwalks for a few seasons now but they are still on-trend this summer with many variations. One of the most popular type of jumpsuit is the floral, 70s type, but there are various other styles and patterns available. You can look classy and chic in a jumpsuit for a night out, or casual for a day. They are so versatile that it matches the personality of every kind of women. Jumpsuits for tall women or for short, there are a plethora of varieties available. Ditzy floral of the 70s prints or the hippy style jumpsuits; they suit almost every figure, body and size.

If you are not a fan of jumpsuits, it may be for the reason that you have not found one to suit your shape. Many people try the jumpsuits and then reject the idea of buying the one; this is where one goes wrong. Think, what would have been done if it was the dress? Would it also been rejected with the idea that one should never try or buy a dress because it does not suits? The same goes for a jumpsuit, you will need to try a variety of options in order to find the best matching your personality and accentuating your figure. For women with curvier figure it is always good to try fitted jumpsuits as it gives a perfect hourglass silhouette.

You can team a jumpsuit with almost everything. Team it up with a long cardigan for a casual day out or dress it up with cropped boyfriend blazers and neon color pumps for an evening out. You can also wear a jumpsuit with tights and ankle length boots in the winter. You can throw a jumper over the top of the jumpsuit to create a short-effect. There are so many ways that can be experimented with the single jumpsuit. One can look different every time wearing the same jumpsuit but with distinct style.

This season amid navy blue, black and grey styles, you should also try for plain bold bright colors like red, tangerine orange or santorin blue. When shopping for vintage jumpsuits try to look for satin, cotton, viscose and printed fabrics. Jumpsuits have balloon like legs with lots of room, this can look very graceful and flattering, particularly when you wear a thin belt to pushover the waist in. They give an illusion of sliming up the body as well. No matter what shape, size or height you are, there is a jumpsuit out there to match everyone.

Rock the Jumpsuit is one of the firms that offer the beautiful, jaw dropping design of jumpsuits to the young ladies. All of their jumpsuits are inspired by original patterns and vintage styles from the 30s through to the 80s.

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