More Awesome VR games to play

VR gaming is the wave of the future.

I’m going to keep going with my list of awesome VR games to play. Virtual reality gaming is the next generation of immersive gameplay. The first part to this article is here.

If you like retro games from the time of the first Doom or Wolfenstein, you should definitely try yourself in this shooter. Now you can experience powerful nostalgia at the same time as the effect of deep immersion thanks to VR. Moreover, with this technology, aiming and the ability to shoot from the corners are felt quite differently.

It turns out that many people are not afraid to fight zombies, even if it seems to them that they are real. This game is a port of a previously existing version on a PC with cool graphics and dynamic gameplay. With the effect of full immersion on the VR platform, a quality zombisher will appear in front of lovers of the genre in a new beauty.

You have to explore the space station, abandoned after a very terrible incident, the causes of which are unknown. Game locations are mostly dark and very dangerous places in which gravity is completely absent. On the way you will find a mass of cinematic shootings, lots of puzzles and an unusual plot.

In this race, you can feel like a real rally car driver. To fully penetrate the atmosphere, we need not only VR glasses, but also a special game steering wheel. Driving a race car with a view from the driver’s seat will give you a unique virtual driving experience.

A game that can turn the idea of ​card games and transfer them to a new level. Now the popular strategic genre is transferred to a full-fledged virtual world, and in place of maps, instead of static images, now units and creatures with live animation and cinematic effects of attacks and spells.

At first glance, the game simply pays tribute to many popular things of the 80s. At the start, you can experience a strong nostalgia. But as you progress through the storyline of the game will acquire an increasingly ominous shade, and soon your actions will completely determine further plot twists, leading to one of the possible endings.

Feel the spirit of a free bird trying to survive in post-apocalyptic Paris. Take a look at the abandoned capital of France from a bird’s-eye view. The game gives all the possibilities for independent study of the city and its attractions. Accustomed to control, you can test yourself by competing in the art of natural flight with other players.

This game is not for people with fear of darkness and confined space. You find yourself in a damp dark cave. At the start you will only have an oil lamp and a matchbox. As you progress through the player will open a lot of interesting equipment for the study of a dark grotto.

Armed with a jetpack and smart mind, go to the mysterious ancient city with a lot of dangers and fascinating puzzles. The plot will be revealed by itself, showing a lot of amazing moments, using the possibilities of VR to the full.

The fate of this man forced him to conduct an urgent expedition to the Arctic, which at the very beginning turned into a complete failure. Now the scientist has to grab any chance to survive, more and more plunging into madness, traveling through frozen deserts in search of a lost team.

Much time has passed since the release of this game, but it still does not lose the interest of the public. Waiting for the new part of the ancient scrolls from Bethesda, you can experience a big world in a new way with complete freedom of action, now on the VR platform. Thanks to this, the first-person view allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of the game like never before.

The place of this game’s events is not the planet Earth, but the entire solar system! Once in the distant future, the player will be able to control the best military space fighter aircraft and go to the interplanetary battlefield. The beautiful view of the cosmos, straight from the pilot’s cockpit, is in many ways reminiscent of the scenes of a star wars battle.

In this story you have to learn the role of a private detective. He was instructed to understand the terrible events tied to religious grounds. Only a very brave person will be able to experience this experience, going to dark, deserted places with insidious entities, whose motives can only be guessed.

In the wake of the adaptation of the cult action-rpg Skyrim, the developer ported another popular game to the VR platform. A dynamic shooter, in a large post-apocalyptic world, with complete freedom of action, perfect for deep diving with virtual reality glasses.

Show your creativity to the full in this beautiful cartoon puzzle. Here you need to do only one thing — to create self-propelled machines. They must overcome special obstacles posed by the game. For this player provide a special set of tools and a number of unusual materials. Working with them requires non-standard solutions.

The first shooter, fully developed for PSVR’s Aim controller, is a special gun for playing with VR glasses. The game tells the story of an astronaut whose ship was wrecked on a mysterious planet with aliens, while all the crew members disappeared somewhere. You have to understand everything, periodically reporting the situation on the base of the Earth.

The beginning of the fascinating history of the ancient world, similar to the “Game of Thrones” universe. The story will lead you through a lot of complex puzzles, gradually revealing an intriguing plot. The characters in this game are very reasonable, so they even have their own character. They will notice the movement of your head, and respond to gestures accordingly.

A fresh game, especially for owners of PSVR’s Aim controller. Many from the first seconds will recognize in it the good old Counter-strike, and this is true. The gameplay is built on the shootings of two opposing sides — special forces and terrorists. With the capabilities of VR, the good old shooter feels quite differently.

Welcome to the elevator traveling to other worlds. You have access to different floors in places quite unlike each other. Many of them are inhabited by inhabitants, with whom you can interact in different ways. The main feature of this game is research and experiments, as crazy as the worlds themselves represented.

You have to have a hand in a unique scientific experiment. The game’s plot unfolds on a secret scientific base, with a mass of high-tech mechanisms. The player in the role of an engineer must understand how they work, which will require solving a lot of puzzles. All of them will advance the course of the experiment and gradually reveal its essence.

Cool space thriller with elements of comedy. You control the adventurer and her charismatic companion of alien origin. Together they are sent to dangerous tasks to pacify restless monsters and robots. During the game you have to hunt for resources and weapons for your ship. Co-op is available.

With the help of high technology of the future, you will receive gloves, giving the owner powerful telekinesis and other amazing abilities. With one wave of the hand, you can drag objects weighing several tons. All this is necessary for passing a series of tests in the history of one archaeologist from the future, whose fate you will have to find out.

The real madness of ancient Rome in caricature form. Become a gladiator in the arena and feel the pain and horror of bloody battles. Do everything to amuse the crowd and appease the great Caesar. Although the game, at first glance, may seem harmless, there are a lot of cruelty and bloody scenes.

A shooter with a full-fledged story company for passing in a cooperative mode. A dynamic action game with RPG elements plunges into a fascinating battle with aliens. In the passage, you can enlist the support of a whole team of living players in order to develop joint tactics for passing the main and side missions.

This game has become one of the main hits of last year, and now it has been ported to VR. The plot is perceived completely differently, causing deeper feelings and vivid emotions. You expect beautiful battle scenes and creative puzzles. Every self-respecting lover of modern game-dev should play this game.

This is a simple entertainment with a firearm, made in an authentic manner. Perhaps this is not the most progressive use of VR technology, but if you are a real fan of shooting, the game will not leave you indifferent. For some, being alone with your favorite gun can be a deep process of meditation.

So anyway, here’s some more really good virtual reality games that are worth checking out. I’ve maybe played 10+ hours on each and can say with honesty that they’re pretty sweet to play.

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