The knowledge : unique weapon

It is something everyone has right to take it. It is something that never ends. It is the only thing that gives after we take it. It can totally change the world but it only accepts the one who is hard working, not smart, not of course procastinators.

When i interviewed the successful people, they always and everyone answered that they were hard working. Smart people can’t be success because they think they know everything and so they postpone the task.

So, how to beat procastination ? The foremost reason people procastinate is that they feel difficult to complete the task. They think how big the task is. The trick here is to break down big, amorphous task into baby steps that don’t feel as effortful. The brain can see benefits of completion of task and the cost of effort. So, now you need to identify the baby steps. For example: Instead of learning German, You might send email to your relative for asking to learn German. So, after you completed the first baby step. It’ll motivate you to take the next step. Procastination also depends on importance of work. If it not, then visualize how great it will be to get it done. After you completed the task, you achieved the weapon.

In our world, the knowledge is a type of weapon, not AK 47, not MI 16. In this modern age, people are fighting with knowledge creating new ideas. The one who has most of knowledge, he/she is winner. So, why not start it now.

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