Happy Pride, everyone! Before we get to the latest episode of the Leading From The Inside Out podcast, two (!) big, important pieces of news:

  • We’re hiring! Join the Rockwood team as our new Senior Development Strategist or Senior Grants Writer!
  • Rockwood is very excited to announce the Akaya Legacy Fund, created to honor the impact Akaya Windwood made in so many of our lives. Help support women of color to attend Rockwood and donate today:


This month’s episode of the Leading From The Inside Out podcast features an interview with Lillian Rivera, a writer, advocate, youth ally, Latina…

Rockwood Leadership Institute is pleased to announce the 2019 Building Power Fellowship Cohort!

A partnership between Rockwood, The California Endowment, and InPartnership Consulting, the Building Power Fellowship focuses on supporting health equity leaders to skillfully and collaboratively shift the local and state health policy landscape.

A cohort of 22 diverse leaders were selected, representing organizations across two of California’s key regions: Sacramento and San Diego. The fellowship will provide unique capacities that health equity leaders need to build power, including: bringing a racial equity lens to their leadership; addressing racial equity in their organizations and communities; increased ability to lead…

We are in the beautiful depths of spring here in the Bay Area. Rockwood is leaning into the season with lots of growth, change, and rejuvenation. We welcomed a new staff member and two new trainers, the program schedule for May and June is packed with 11(!) trainings, and Nonprofit Quarterly profiled the inaugural cohort of the Resource Leaders fellowship. It’s been a very fruitful time.

We’ve also been doing a lot of reading, feeding our hearts and minds. Here are a few articles that nourished us this month:

Rockwood is proud to announce the 2019 cohort of the Rockwood JustFilms Fellowship!

This fellowship brings together 12 leaders working at the intersection of storytelling, film, and social change to learn powerful skills that will shift their capacity for leadership and collaboration. This cohort represents a wide range of established leaders in the film and digital storytelling sectors including: organizational leaders, media impact producers, filmmakers, thought leaders, curators, archivists, and critics. Through two residential retreats, peer coaching sessions, and additional leadership support, they will develop stronger working partnerships with each other, and with leaders of other social movements.

Join us…


It’s finally here! The first episode of Rockwood’s new podcast, with alum and CAIR SF-BA Executive Director Zahra Billoo. Zahra dropped by our offices to talk about joy, family, privilege, music, practicing resilience, and much, much more.

[A transcript of this episode can be found here.]

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  • Pia Infante shares a beautiful, unflinching look at the leadership lessons she gained after giving birth
  • adrienne maree brown’s new book Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good

Rockwood Leadership Institute is pleased to announce the 2019 Lead Now: California cohort!

With the support and partnership of the California Endowment, the Weingart Foundation, and the Angell Foundation, Lead Now: California was created in response to the urgent political moment facing our nation that is calling forth a new era of leadership, activism, and alignment among progressive leaders.

Lead Now: California brings together 25 leaders from across California representing issue areas of immigrant rights, Muslim rights, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ rights, workers’ rights, agriculture, economic justice, arts & culture, health, and education. …

At the beginning of every Rockwood Leadership Institute program, each participant is given a simple task: stand in front of the group, speak for two minutes and, at the end, calmly and confidently accept the resulting applause without looking away, squirming or deflecting with humor.

The participants soon find out that this “vision stand” exercise isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Years of observation and evaluation have shown us that the vulnerability revealed in this activity is an important step in participants’ personal and professional development.

Leadership development programs have long played a critical role in preparing emerging leaders…


Alum Luis Ramirez (On Youtube as iLuisRey) filmed this awesome video at the recent Art of Leadership for Philanthropic Leaders last month. The video gives an inside look at a Rockwood training, with interviews from participants and trainers, a tour of one of our training sites, and insights on joyous and effective leadership.

Want to get in on the transformative fun? Check out the full 2019 training schedule and apply today.


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Alum in the News

  • adrienne…

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Take a breath. Let go of whatever you’re holding on to. Give yourself a moment to slow down and explore joyous, effective, transformative leadership with Rockwood’s new Leading From The Inside Out podcast. Bringing together the wisdom, inspiration, and practices of our over-7,000 alums and our 19 years providing leadership development in the social change world, Leading From The Inside Out podcast will shed light on the unspoken realities of creating a more just and equitable world. We’ll combine classic Rockwood practices and exercises with interviews and conversations with…


If 2017 was the year we were all called to leadership, 2018 was the year that called us to dream big. While we faced much of the same darkness we’ve been facing for years now, we also saw shining moments when vision became reality.

Here at Rockwood, one of our visions became a reality when we launched Couch Conversations, a monthly webinar series featuring alums from different sectors and movements discussing resilience and leadership.

Couch Conversations was a complete experiment. When we began planning it, we weren’t sure if people would be interested, but from the first conversation with…

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