Vision and Mission Statements

The Brief

Who? A high-end audio manufacturer from Sweden looking to enter a new mid-range headphone product-line into the North American market.

What? Create luxurious and innovative headsets for audiophiles and trendsetters.

Why? New headsets matter because they contain our new patent pending fibre-optic cabling technology and lightning cable connectivity which reduces the wright to a mere one-third of any competitor.

Vision Statement

The vision statement of a brand represents the original sparks and long-term goals for the creation of the company or product and its reason for being.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of a brand represents the expression of what the company does and how the the vision of the company will be expressed.

Example of Solidifying Brand Mission and Vision Statements


To create a game changer in music by creating a product that reflects the lifestyle of the people who wear them.


Create a better sounding world with quality headsets.

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