The allure of strangeness

Despite our tendency to mingle with things that we are familiar with, we might find it more tempting to stray and delve into a territory that is unknown to us. If anything, humans are not enticed by what is known. It is precisely because things are unknown that humans dare to fly to the moon. And two lovers are in burning passion not because they know each other, but because of the unknownness of each other. It is the blanket of unfamiliarity that makes experimentation and exploration a pleasurable journey.

It is then the allure of strangeness that we are constantly facing. A world of the unknowns that may have no ending. It is a seducer so cunning that lures people to abandon what is on their hands for the vague promise of knowing. Or rather, of conquering. Quite possibly, it may have been strangeness who is responsible for the irrationality of human being.

Strangeness amplifies things. When it is coupled with prejudice and insecurity, it turns into hatred and hostility. When it is coupled with tolerance and sincerity, it turns into compassion and mercy.

But if only it is that easy. In most cases, strangeness presents itself as an undecipherable ambiguity. And to pursue it is like chasing the shadow of one’s own insatiability.


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