Instances where game developers take April Fools content away and gamers went bananas

April 1st is a very excellent time for those fortunate to be an internet citizen.

On April Fool’s Day — Companies big and small embrace the ridiculousness of the holiday with over-the-top content. Most of the time, it’s harmless, and people will have a laugh. The Video Games industry is no exception.

But sometimes, game developers create something so interesting that when the event is over, the fans become blood-crazed fanatics, demanding more.

In this post, I’ll be sharing moments in gaming history where April Fool’s content became way too successful, how the players reacted, and how game developers handled…

I write this post as a high-functioning game addict.

In the show House of Cards, when Kevin Spacey isn’t trying to take over the White House, he’s gaming.

Kevin Spacey, relaxing with a video game. (House of Cards — Netflix)

Video games have always had a bad rap.

From Season 1 of House of Cards, the main character’s wife and another congressman have this exchange:

Claire: “If anybody knew he came home every day to [video games] — it’s embarrassing.”
Peter: “There’s worse secrets to have.”


As I’m writing, to the left of me is my phone. It’s turned on, with an app on the screen. I’m currently playing a game…

Amir Rajan got over a million downloads for ADR. How?

You might have heard of A Dark Room (ADR)for the iOS. For a game that’s just text, it managed to get over a million downloads and without major visibility on the gaming radar.

What caught my attention was the developer, Amir Rajan, and his incredibly transparent journey.

Amir is a remarkable fellow. He’s part artist, part programmer, part writer, and part a whole bunch of other things.

What astonished me the most was how meticulously Amir documented his journey of developing A Dark Room. He documented everything from reaching out to journalists, to his own personal feelings.

It’s freakin’ gold…

Just Keep Grinding.

This statement is stupid to me.

Grind at what? Getting on stage? Being funny?

Passing out your business cards and praying an agent magically discovers you?

So many questions from novice comedians —

all shooting from the hip, not knowing what to do or how to get there.

That’s fine. I’m here to help.

If you’ve googled me, you might have noticed that I am NOT a comedian. In fact — I’m a marketer, who has worked in the comedy industry for half a decade. …

The title is a lie. There is no Day 5 of New Media Expo. The official end date was yesterday. But this day 5 post is more for me.

If this is your first post of mine that you’re reading (or you’ve been following me on my journey), I’ve been blogging daily about each day of the expo.

This post is the conclusion of everything New Media Expo (NMX).

The most common statement attendees of NMX had is:

“When this is over, my whole life has changed. I have major actions to move forward.”

I wanted to share my feelings…

(Melanie Nelson, the speaker of the NMX ‘Self-Editing Basics’ event, offered to read my work and provide feedback. Seeing as this is a fantastic opportunity for growth, I decided to keep both posts so you can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’. The original version is located here.)

I’m sharing why I decided to attend the New Media Expo alone with no business plan.

Why New Media Expo

I don’t know many people in the online business space. What I do know is that conventions are a great place to network.

That got me thinking: Which convention should I attend?

I’ve never attended one before…

Best Practices for Blog List building with Heather Solos
Key takeaways: There are 3 subscriber types, with different ways segment them.

Water tester: who signed up after digesting your content for a while.
Bribe taker: who signed up for the freebie you provided.
Superfan: who signed up without any carrot on the stick.

0 to 10 Million — Behind the scenes of Building a High Traffic Blog
Syed Balkhi met with me during Heather Solo’s event, and he was so gracious with his time! He shared his story about his first Blogworld at age 19, and he was too young to…

I spent my morning editing these NMX blog posts.

In the future, I plan to create a template. Starting over from scratch every time has been a huge time waster.

I’m sad that today is the last day. But I’m glad, because it’s important to spend time meditating on everything you learn and figuring out a business plan.

Events I am attending

1015am: Best Practices for Blog List Building with Heather Solos at the Westgate Pavilion 1.

1130am: 0 to 10 Million — Behind the scenes of Building a High Traffic Blog with WP Beginner’s Syed Balkhi at the Westgate Pavilion 3. …

How To Get Your First 100,000 Podcast Downloads with Grant Baldwin

The biggest takeaway was to really take advantage of contests to get as MUCH reviews as possible. Reviews/downloads are the metric for staying visible on iTunes.

Grant gave us a worksheet to fill in the blanks. I like that concept of giving the audience a list of what you plan to talk about.

Blogging Myths Debunked with Amy Lupold Bair

So many takeaways! I’m going to stray from my quick wrap-up and just share my notes. Feel free to skim straight to the bottom.

Myth #1: You’ll never make…

It’s Wednesday and today is packed! Every time slot has something cool in want to attend.

The way I’m feeling:

Many people are attending this event with dreams of creating amazing work, but not thinking about how to market it. Maybe this is my marketing background kicking in.

Gary Arndt (Who was the session speaker for yesterday’s Moving Beyond the Blog) gave advice on reaching out to local news to grow your audience. But to one attendee’s biggest takeaway is not on use a dslr for Instagram. WHAT?!

You’ll find yourself in the starving artist role if you don’t know how to sell.


Rocky Kev

I’m the founder of Serious Game Devs Only — a dev community who understand the importance of marketing, as well as working for @Mirasee.

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