Sentry issues from a RedwoodJS project

I’ve been playing with RedwoodJS lately and while it’s still pretty early days for the framework, there is definitely a lot of promise there. I took the time to set up Sentry with RedwoodJS and I figured that it might be good to write these steps down.

If you just want the code, you can go here:

API Side

I was deploying my little RedwoodJS project to Netlify, so this first thing I did was to Google “sentry netlify” and I came up with two useful links:

The Sentry Netlify build plugin deals with submitting releases and source maps…

Photo by Ahmad Ossayli on Unsplash

We all know that our render functions are supposed to be pure functions. Purity and immutable data are the basis for performance optimization in React.

That’s great until you need to use time in your app. Time presents some challenges for purity because time is always changing. This can be summed up by the following code snippet:

> new Date() == new Date()

In our system, we have lots of components that rely on the current time in order to render:

  • meetings are displayed differently if they’re upcoming or in the past
  • resources can become available at a certain…

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