TeleMed — Mobile App Design Process: UX/UI Case Study

  • Increase Staff Efficiency
    TeleMed app visits are more efficient than in-person appointments. You spend less time on administration tasks and more time face to face with patients.
  • Increase Patient Outcomes
    TeleMed helps patients to comply with treatment plans, manage medications, and engage in lifestyle coaching, resulting in better health outcomes.
  • More Satisfied Customers
    TeleMed offers patients the convenience and accessibility of telehealth. We outlook a 98% satisfaction average of all TeleMed app visits.
  • Scheduling Flexibility
    TeleMed visits can happen anywhere, and anytime. Health specialties can offer extended hours and even weekend availability without incurring office and staff overhead.
  • Reduce Patient No-Shows
    Transportation issues, time off from work, and child care are no longer an issue for patients seeking follow up appointments and convenient care while using the TeleMed app.
  • Generate Incremental revenue
    Convert unpaid follow up phone calls or emails to fully reimbursable video telehealth visits.


  • Who are the users that are using or will use the telemed app? What do they use now that’s similar? Do they know what telemed is capable of, and its benefits?
  • What are the available apps out there? What apps do they like? I did a competitive analysis, to understand those pain points.
  • I analyzed customer comments on existing telehealth apps to get a better understanding of what shortcomings they currently have.
  • What does a solution look like? I created prototypes along the process to understand if the product was going in the right direction.
  • 75% of them had concerns about training and how they could fit training into their schedule.
  • 35% of them think it’s a necessity and wish they had it “yesterday”. They get countless calls from patients asking if their appointments can be done virtually. The other 65% think it would be useful but are concerned about the cost and maintence.
  • Users complain about bad video receptions
  • They want to be able to dispute payments made on the app base of insurance coverages
  • They want to be able to print records or have some type of cloud base storage
  • Users complain about appointments on the app not getting to the health providers scheduling department. This was the biggest complaint during my competitive analysis research.


A small sample size of TeleMed’s Project Wireframes

User Flow

A small sample size of the User Flow’s for the Project

Visual Design

Small sample of the final UI Screens




UX/UI consultant trying to make the web a better place, one user-centered experience at a time.

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Rocky Segarra

Rocky Segarra

UX/UI consultant trying to make the web a better place, one user-centered experience at a time.

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