Chapter 4| Project Integration Management

Pulse of the Profession

Financial analysis for a project


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What do you think the real problem was in this case?

The main problem was that Nick as a project manager didn’t give enough attention to what responsibilities gave to him instead he focus on his specialization and ended-up with complaints from the top management.

Does the case present a realistic scenario? Why or why not?

Yes, the case present a realistic scenario because as a person we have our own field of expertise, and without proper communication between a two person and enough time to learn new field. We, sometimes intend to give more focus to what we are good in. We manage to finish a certain products in a short period time without noticing the needs of the project.

Was Nick Carson a good project manager? Why or why not?

Nick did finish the project in the right time, but he was not considered as a good project manager. A good project manager must scope all of his prescribed responsibilities, see all the side of every aspects of the product and follow what instruction gave by the top-management. A small phase of the project can seriously gave a major problem to the company and to the project itself.

What should top management have done to help Nick?

The top management must gave him a right amount of time to learn the responsibilities of a project manager.

What could Nick have done to be a better project manager?

Nick should have control to calm his mind and study all the phases of the project. He must learn the proper way of handling time managing and gave a lot of focusing on the responsibilities given to him.

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