I suggest you re-read the article, because nowhere did I address female anatomy in the article.
Daniel Christensen

“Diana tells Steve, to his utter disbelief, that she had found through extensive study that men are necessary for reproduction, but not for pleasure. Most clear-thinking people reel in disbelief as Steve does at such a notion.”

Not to be vulgar, but female anatomy by design does not require a second party for pleasure. The fact that to you that clever dig was a sign of her naïveté shows just how low your expectations of women are.

Feminists, men and women alike, adore this film because it is the first representation of such a strong female lead in any of the modern superhero flicks. This film is going to shape young minds, it’s important because young girls are going to see other women doing things they previously thought were only for boys. Not just Wonder Woman, a goddess, but in the more fallible Amazon women or even in the evil but genius mind of Dr. Poison (not that they should poison people, but she is a renowned scientist).

And if you think Christianity and feminism are mutually exclusive you haven’t read your Bible closely enough. ✌🏻

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