If you are from Rochester and you watch “Americas Got Talent” then you have one job, and that’s to cheer for DaNell Daymon and Greater Works.

Why? Because DaNell Daymon has Roctown roots. DaNell honed in those choir directing skills in Seattle Washington. And this choir is good!!

With choir members from across the country, DaNell Daymon and Greater Works managed to leave the judges, audience, and millions of viewers moved. I wouldn’t be surprised if church memberships increased after their audition.

Here are my reactions…

0:51 mark — Praise and Worship

1:12 mark — Momma hit that note!!!

1:30 mark — Let’s get It!!!

1:55 mark — You let it shine and you let it shine… Everybody let it shine!!! (Side note… Oprah might make a dope choir director)

2:06 mark — It’s Lit! Full church mode…

2:13 mark — Tambourines came out of nowhere bruh…

The whole performance was blessed from beginning to end. I imagine some church mother laid out in the AGT audience.

Keep up with DaNell and Greater Works on their FB Page. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!! America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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