Transmen: Real men or lesbians on steroids?

Are transmen real men? No, not any more than transwomen are real women. But they do represent a real phenomenon, that is becoming increasingly obvious.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog discussing transwomen (it’s one word, by the way, not two.) But as yet, I’ve said very little about transmen. (Again, one word.) Essentially, just as in MtF, there are two forms. On is a homosexual form; they are in fact lesbians with a social desire to appear as men. This is consistent with their sexuality: to attract female partners, they wish to appear to be men.

FtM HSTS transsexuals are the equivalent amongst females to the MtF transsexual who is, let us state again, a person born male who is attracted to men from childhood and is naturally extremely feminine in every way — so much so that they can never be successful men and are better off transitioning. HSTS transmen are the exact opposite.

There is a major difference, however. The key to understanding this difference is to realise that males can perform in either the male or the female role in sex. That is, they can either penetrate or be penetrated. MtF transsexuals are fully psycho-sexually and socially inverted: they have brains like women (Rametti et al), they have bodies like women, they have sexual desires like women and they desire to be treated as women in sex — to be penetrated.

This is a male-to-feminine transsexual.

Gender Identity

Gender is a function of sexuality, and in MtF HSTS, this is essentially an inverted male one. This causes a desire for sexual relations with men. An MtF transsexual is always naturally submissive socially — her physique is such that she cannot hope to compete with males. Even if she desired to have female partners, which she doesn’t, this would be a fruitless pursuit for her, because women are attracted to men, by which we mean alpha-males. So a transsexual melds the sexual and social components together to create a persona that is at once sexually submissive and attractive to male partners. (Note: there is significant emasculation desire in this profile but it is principally rewarded through penetration.)

MtF Transsexuals, simply, can have more rewarding lives if they turn themselves into sexually attractive women. They cannot hope to attract the kind of men they desire — heterosexual alpha-males — as boys or, even worse, men. Any man known to have sex with other males is immediately ruled out of the competition for sex with women and, in many cultures, including the West, will be shamed for it.

Transgender Homosexuals

All transsexuals begin as transgender homosexuals. In boys, these will be highly feminised and will have shown strong evidence of their natures in childhood; in girls this applies too, in the inverse. Male transgender homosexuals specifically want conventionally male partners. They emphatically do not want a relationship with a ‘gay’ man, since they would regard any such relationship as lesbian. How to get round this? Become a woman.

The anus as pseudo-vagina.

However, this neat solution only works because the transsexual has a way to simulate a woman’s role in sex: she uses her anus as a pseudo-vagina. Indeed, many will call it their ‘pussy’.

Many transsexuals will try to pass themselves off as ‘real girls’ and if their own anecdotes are true, this actually can be done, although we suspect that alcohol is to some extent implicated. Some are so good at this that they claim to have been able to completely fool men into believing that they were actually female, including in coitus. (This is a shockingly dangerous practice that should be discouraged.)

Most MtF will simply not penetrate men, although this may change if money is involved. The well-known propensity of cross-sex hormones to reduce penis size, erectile ability and ejaculation amount, is little of concern since the penis is not a primary sex organ for them — although, in sex work, it may be their most lucrative asset.

An MtF HSTS. Be honest. She’d fool you. But you’d not be alone

A female has no penis, surprisingly

A transman is totally incapable of fulfilling the reverse of this sexual role, because he is actually female and so has no penis. You need a penis to penetrate; this is how the word comes into being. Transmen cannot naturally be ‘men’ in the way that transsexuals can be women — in sex. And there is no ready organ that can fill the role of a penis the way an anus can imitate a vagina. Remember that transwomen actually orgasm through receiving anal penetration; it is a completely satisfying act for them. There is no such satisfaction available to a transman, without surgery.

An MtF transsexual is not just attracted to men from childhood; she is also, on average, smaller, more lightly built and more neotenous (pretty) than the men in her ethnic group. HSTS transmen, while they are much less numerous, replicate this in the inverse. They tend to be bigger and bulkier and have somewhat more masculine features.

Non-homosexual transmen

Just as non-homosexual transwomen often regard themselves as ‘lesbians’ and pursue women under this pretext, non-homosexual transmen see themselves as ‘gay men’ and pursue men.

Non-homosexual Gender Dysphoria is well researched in transwomen and is

This is autogynephilic transvestite activist ‘Andrea’ James, AFTER her facial feminisation surgery. Is anyone actually going to confuse this with a woman?

caused by a condition called Autogynephilia. Essentially, these are males who find that their masturbatory satisfaction is more intense when they are dressed as women. They are essentially fetishistic cross dressers who ‘fall in love’ with the woman they invent, by cross-dressing and other means. Eventually, rewarded by repeated intense masturbation sessions, this behaviour becomes delusional and the man begins to believe that he ‘really is a ‘real’ woman’ . This is nonsense, of course, and the delusion causes massive damage both to women and transsexuals.

In Autogynephilia this sexual satisfaction comes from appearing as a woman while masturbating, but may also include going out in public and being ‘mistaken’ for a woman or group masturbation sessions ‘en femme’ or dressed as women. These may also involve penetrative sex, in which one partner plays the role of man while the other of woman.

So are our non-HS transmen the inverse of this group?

Most transmen are like Buck Angel, above: they are strongly homosexual, showed strong GNC and Gender Dysphoria as children, and pass well as men.

Blanchard could find no evidence whatsoever that there is a ‘female equivalent’ to autogynephilia, and this is consistent with other researchers.

Autogynephilia is ‘a man’s propensity to be sexually aroused at the thought or image of himself as a woman.’ Even if, by a little equivocation, we might show that just being a woman causes some women to be sexually aroused, that is not a female equivalent of autogynephilia.

If there were a female equivalent, it would have to be ‘a woman’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of herself as a man,’ and that would be autoandrophilia, AAP. While the possibility of this was discounted for many years, there is, today, much evidence that AAP is a real thing. But our knowledge of how it works is very limited and there have been no large studies of the phenomenon.

Gender is not constructed

Sexuality is the precursor to gender. Male transsexuals, or MtF homosexual transwomen, look like women because they want to be fucked by men, just like all the other girls in their culture, so they adopt the manners and dress of those girls in order to compete. Once in bed, they accommodate men’s penetrative desire through oral and anal sex.

Female transsexuals, or MtF homosexual transmen, are the exact inverse.

They want to fuck women, will express the manners and fashions of men and will eventually seek genital reconstruction that will allow them to penetrate their partners.

So gender is a direct consequence of sexuality, which in both sexes can lead to transsexualism, and will do so if it is socially enabled.

However, female sexuality is not the same as male. This should be axiomatic, but is has been obscured for political reasons. Men and women are not the same. We are different. Not better or worse, but different, and we have different sexualities. Transgender homosexuals of both sexes have inverted sexuality, that is, males have female sexuality and females have male. But this is not, unlike sex, a binary, but a scale of variation. So they extent of the inversion varies in each individual; some will have more of their sex-native sexuality than others, and in some, this can lead to true bisexualism.

This has consequences for gender and so, transition. Only those HSTS with fully inverted sexualities should attempt full surgical transition.


Females do not have organs of penetration; they can only be penetrated. It’s that simple. So how can it be that some women appear to desire to ‘become men’? The answer is not in their physical reality: they cannot penetrate. While some transwomen feel such intense cognitive dissonance at using their anuses as a pseudo-vagina, most do not and very much enjoy sex this way.

Lesbians may use toys and other devices to simulate penetration but they can never ‘become men’ in sex — or at least, not without complex surgery called ‘phalloplasty’ which attempts to construct a facsimile of a penis.

Diagram showing a pseudo-phallus
The Phalloplasty procedure. The large weal on the subject’s right leg is where the skin was removed to form the shaft of the pseudo-penis

Transmen in Snowflake culture

Snowflake culture represents a special case. It is the result of years of Postmodernist feminism and its attack on society. It is animated principally by misandry, the hatred of men, and specifically, white men. Women are the top dogs. It is a matriarchy seen through a glass darkly. Within it, some women seek to become alpha males in order to replace the real males the culture has removed. Where they are non-homosexual, ie they are attracted to men, they appear to be autoandrophilic, but, in parallel with the more social nature of female sexuality, they aspire to the social rather than purely sexual roles of men. Most of these individuals identify themselves as ‘gay men’ . This can cause a problem with real homosexual men, much as Autogynephilic non-homosexual transwomen can cause problems with their lesbian female sexual targets.

Homosexual transmen, that is, those who desire and seek to penetrate women, appear to closely mirror conventional male attitudes towards sex. They are socially and sexually dominant, protective, caring, and play exactly the role in a relationship with a woman that any other woman does.

Political transmen: playing the role of men

We do not know to what extent non-homosexual transmen are women who seek to play the role of men within a culture in which real men have been disallowed and any remaining men completely emasculated. As we have seen, women’s sexuality is much different from men’s. It greatly revolves around other women and the social hierarchy of women within the ‘not-men’ group.

A man or a deeply confused woman?

There is a group of transmen, who are women who try to arrogate to themselves what they see as ‘privileges’ that men have in the broader culture. However, these ‘privileges’ are illusory and they come at great cost. Men’s behaviour is minutely policed at all times for signs that they might not actually be a part of the ‘men’ group. They are expected to do the most dangerous and onerous tasks in the society. They are expected to be providers and defenders.

Political transmen seek to acquire what they see as the status and privilege of men, without ever understanding that being a man has rules. Nearly all transmen continue to enjoy female privilege, that is, men’s reluctance to engage them physically and their inclination to defer to them. All men are taught, through their schooling, that actions have consequences: other males, if provoked, may react violently; indeed, in some circumstances, they definitely will do so. In other words, men are trained in the dangers of testosterone and in how to deal with its effects. They are taught never to hit women and to defer to them socially. This is female privilege.

Transmen have no such training. This means that they exploit the female privilege they gain by not being quite passable to behave in ways and to say things that would get a real man into a fist-fight or worse. I have known transmen fly into fits of rage that, had they been real men, would have had severe consequences; but they get away with it.

It would not be fair to tar all transmen with this brush, but it is definitely something for both transmen themselves and those who deal with them to take into account.

Well, if we’re going to have trannies, I prefer mine this way. Just call me a straight guy

This article was updated to bring it into line with current understanding in 10 September 2018.

Originally published at Rod Fleming’s World.