Dave Muscato: a non-trans autogynephile

Dave Muscato non-trans autogynephilia
Dave Muscato, a man with non-trans autogynephilia who thinks that just saying he is a woman now, makes him one. This is how far the Western autogynephile insanity has gone.

Just to go over some ground regarding the thorny subject of non-trans autogynephilia (AGP) again, I thought I’d illustrate it with this charming chappy. Let me introduce Dave Muscato. As you can see, Dave is a man, and a dapper one at that. But Dave wants us all to believe he is a woman and call him madam. Dave even believes that just saying he is a woman causes his naughty parts to become girly ones. (See here for the first article on this topic.)

Now I grant you, this sort of fuckwittery could only come from the land of everything stupid, that carbuncle on the arse of civilisation known as the United States of USica. This is a place, where, apparently, 25% of the people think the sun revolves around the Earth, over 50% believe said Earth was created in six days by a flying fart on a cloud (question: how was there a cloud before the atmosphere was created? Oh, never mind) and an unknown number of fuckwits, er, people, think that just saying so can change your birth sex organs from male to female.

Well, like fuck it can. Dave Muscato is a man. We can see he’s a man.

Yes, it is appropriate for other people to identify you, fuckwit. That is the whole point of gender. We don’t have to respect your insanity, either. If you look like a duck and you sound like a duck, you’re a fucking duck. And if you look like a man and dress like a man, you’re a man. So all you actual transmen, this cunt is encroaching on you, too.

Dave totally undermines the understanding of transwomen and TS/TG generally, that everyone I know is trying to get the public to accept: that you are what you appear to be. But that’s not good enough for Dave or his fellow-travellers. They want to be accepted for what they obviously are NOT.

Dave Muscato is NOT trans. Obviously.

Now anyone who knows me knows how much I support transwomen. Hugely. Trans people are a seriously at-risk group and they need sympathy and protection. But Dave Muscato is not a transwoman. He is a man with non-trans AGP. So he is NOT TRANS. The clue is in the name, y’see. I’d have thought even a USitard could keep up here. So, while he deserves the respect due to any human, Dave is not deserving of our sympathy, nor of our protection, (he’s just a man,) and certainly he should not be using women’s facilities. And I wish Dave were the only one, but there are many such as he — using a completely bogus claim to be ‘trans’ in order to invade women’s spaces.

But as we have already seen, just because you have autogynephilia does not make you trans; and just because the thought of people actually calling you a woman makes you cream your pants is no justification for us doing it.

Autogynephilia is sexually rewarded.

Dave Muscato is the kind of mutt that thinks he (paying careful attention to using the appropriate pronouns here, Davey,) can just walk into a ladies’ toilet and take a piss. Well, maybe a lil wank while he’s in there to relieve the tension, since, after all, us actually going along with your preposterous fucking lunacy is the biggest sexual hit you can have, isn’t it? And what is worse is, he has actually, in some places, got the legal right to do this. Damn they gonna have to repaint all the cubicles. And how do you women feel about using one after Dave has been in there cracking it off?

What’s next, you utter bollock? Shaming women for not sucking your cock by calling them ‘transphobic’? After all, you are a lesbian, aren’t you? And of course, if you, as a man, claim to be a lesbian, you must be one; naturally. You’re a man, so whatever you say goes, right? But nevertheless, your male privilege, which we note you carefully retain, means that all women must be prepared to have sex with you, doesn’t it?

Rape culture with frilly knickers on.

This is just rape culture wearing shiny new frilly knickers. I mean, you do at least wear a bra and panties under your smart little MAN’S suit, don’t you?

Dave Muscato harms women and transwomen and we should shut him the fuck down; and that goes for all the other mutts like him.

Already, in Canada, laws are being proposed that would make it a criminal offence to call Dave Muscato what he is — a man. Which just goes to show that I was wrong about Canadians; they’re as batshit crazy as USitards.

Well, enough is enough. Time to roll back this shit.

Men like Dave Muscato are a menace to all women, including trans. So, please. Fucking mail-bomb, text-bomb, twitter-bomb, Facebook-bomb or whatever this cunt out of existence. For the good of humanity.

Here’s the twat’s Facebook page.

It’s a real shame that survival is not linked directly to intelligence. If it were, the United States of USitards would have ceased to exist long ago.

Originally published at Rod Fleming’s World.