Google Diversity Row: A revealing storm

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One of the world’s most valuable companies, Google, has found itself splattered all over the internet this week because of a leaked internal memo.

The ‘Google Diversity Document’

The document, written by a senior engineer, addresses cultural issues within Google in terms of staffing and proposes that the innate differences which we know to exist between males and females should be taken into account and used in a positive manner to assist the company and benefit everyone.

You’d have thought the Ku Klux Klan had taken over the boardroom. The hysterical, loony SJW Left, alongside more ‘respectable’ feminists and their poodles have soaked everyone in sight with festoons of vituperative drivel. How dare anyone suggest there are innate differences between men and women? Don’t you realise it’s not Politically Correct to say such things?

Political Correctness

Of course; and Political Correctness always trumps facts. Women, you see, always think in terms of power. This is not because they are oppressed but because they are constantly seeking ways to control society. Women always seek to control the space they live in. It was women who made humans settle, women who stimulated civilisation, because they wanted a nicer, safer place to bring up their children; and as they gained these spaces, they took control of them.

Now Feminists want to extend that control over the whole of society. This is not about equality; that has been granted for fifty years and more. There is no area, in the West, where women are not the legal equals of men. But that is not enough for Feminists. They do not wish to share power; they want total control. They want to call the whole of society their space and to drive masculinity out of it.

The one thing that hinders feminists in their aim of global domination is these pesky, stubborn, intransigent, curmudgeonly men. If only they could get rid of men, then they can have the world to themselves.

Men are bigger, stronger and think in terms of sex

The only problem is, men are bigger, stronger, more target-oriented, more responsive and better in emergencies than women. And men think it terms of sex. Yes, that’s tight, trait characteristics in men impede feminist intentions to control society according to their own trait characteristics — which they deny the existence of.

The trouble is, women need men. This is not just to make babies; if that were the only purpose, human society would be like a beehive in reverse, with one male in the middle, kept to service legions of women and cause them to be with child.

This is actually a dream of many feminists; they should watch the closing moments of the film Dr Strangelove to see the deep irony of it.

The Warrior-Defenders

There is another reason why men are vital. That is because men are bigger, stronger, and better at fighting than women. And so if you get rid of masculine men, you open your society to hostile takeover by other groups of masculine men, who covet the wealth you have accrued — as well as wanting the women.

In other words, humans are not best seen as ‘hunter-gatherers’ but perhaps as ‘mothers-warriors’. The function of big, strong, aggressive, target oriented men is to ensure the safety and security of the home group, where women attend to the immediate responsibility of having and raising children.

It is axiomatic that there is only one purpose for any individual in any species of living thing and that is the reproduction of its genes. We humans have the complex social structures that we do because they WORK. They are the most efficient way available for us to reproduce and pass forward our genes. Innate differences in trait characteristics between men and women are essential to our success — and we are a very successful species.

They are also essential to our survival. Think about that. We cannot remove evolved trait characteristics, because they are innate; and even if we could, logic tells us that this would mean a decline in the success of the species.

Humans have evolved the trait characteristics we have, the social models we live by and the innate differences between men and women that are called gender, because these are vital to our survival as a species. You do not fuck with Evolution; and yet that is what we are doing, in what Camille Paglia calls the greatest social experiment humanity has ever tried. And she’s right: but it’s an experiment with no clearly predicted result and there is a real possibility, unless we turn back the tide, of societal collapse.

Civil War

That means civil war. That means uncontrolled groups of men killing and raping. Syria in Europe. In the USA. And those who will suffer the most will be those who always suffer the most when the dogs of war and the hounds of hell are unleashed: women, children and old people. The weakest. The least able to defend themselves.

We have men because we are strong. Because we look the hounds of hell in the eye and say: You shall NOT pass. Not as long as I stand here. Society needs the protectors, the real men, the masculine, hard to control ones. Yes, the warriors. Since Eannatum of Lagash unleashed his dogs over four thousand years ago and even before, the weak and defenceless have needed the strong. Do not think that your political philosophy will protect you, if you do away with the warriors prepared to fight and die for you.

The destruction of Feminism might be in its successful application. But the cost of this experiment might be the collapse of the most advanced culture the Earth has ever seen. Feminism is the agent of death.

The Google Diversity document links

I give you links to the Google diversity document here. These are hosted on my site and are not censored. Please download and redistribute them. My thanks to and for these.


Googlecom document with notes

Original pdf (large)

Google Diversity memo as Word document

Originally published at Rod Fleming’s World.