So what is the value of all this?
Amanda Roman

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for your comment. Well, the first thing I’d say is that I am not trying to be judgemental. I am completely relaxed about how others live their lives.

To answer your points, I think it’s a bit more than just scientists trying to understand. I think Blanchard was genuinely trying to help. I think he very much was trying to to improve treatment options. Whether or not he succeeded in that remains moot. I think, however, that he has a passionate belief that the truth has an intrinsic value in and of itself, a position I share. We live in a time when truth is being devalued all around us, by those who have been seduced by Postmodernism, and this is tremendously corrosive.

As regards specific damage done by the failure to recognise that there are two types and that they are totally different, then in the first place, HSTS suffer enormously from this. Since the 1960s HSTS have been under immense pressure to live as gay males, principally from the gay community. The pressure on them to suppress their natural femininity is relentless. I regularly get private emails confirming this. Further, if they do seek professional aid, all too often they are expected to conform to the AGP stereotype by ill-informed practitioners who do not understand the dichotomy. Again, I know from personal communications that this is both common and intensely distressing for HSTS.

I also get many messages from young men who have AGP and are struggling to control it. These are people who DO NOT want to transition. They are being told that their only option is to transition. Some of these are on the point of suicide and have contacted me to say that what I write has explained the feelings they have in a way that their therapists have not even tried to and that this information has given them the strength to try to manage their condition. Transition is indicated for some AGPs but by no means all and the suggestion that everyone who has AGP must transition is as ridiculous as saying that none should. But if you don’t recognise the underlying cause of their condition, how can you possibly counsel them?

At root, AGP is just an intensely felt desire to be a woman. Why is it that this observation, innocuous as it is, should cause such intense rage amongst some of those who experience it? And note, while we are here, that HSTS — who are naturally feminine — NEVER indulge in these histrionics. Does this not suggest other issues? Or are we really suggesting that a person conceived with XY chromosomes and born with a penis and testes is actually female? Clearly, that is nonsensical.

There is no similarity between the aetiologies or characteristics of HSTS and AGP and it must therefore follow that treatment options are different for the two types. I am certainly not trying to put down AGPs or to suggest that they do not deserve proper treatment, and I know from his public statements that Dr Blanchard concurs. I am a libertarian; I believe that we own our own bodies and lives and they are ours to do as we will with, so long as we harm no other. But the simple fact is that AGP is not the only form of MtF and if the other type, HSTS, is to be treated fairly — and at present they absolutely are not — then the distinction between them and AGP must be understood.