I’m Angry At Facebook
Ericka Andersen

Your entire whining diatribe comes down to this: ‘We spend money to get followers on Facebook so we’re entitled.’

Well, you’re NOT. You are exactly the same as the ‘SEO gurus’ running round like headless chickens after Google introduced Panda, saying how awful it was to do so. You know the real reason? They were suddenly irrelevant and their gravy train just hit the stops.

People like you depend on being able to finesse other people’s systems in order to make profit. That’s all. You have no interest in Facebook, you just want your employer to make money by using it. Well it would appear that Facebook has other interests. And it is not for you, not being privy to their board-room deliberations, to say what is or is not ‘bad business’ for them.

The fact is that your ‘extra’ 800,000 ‘followers’ were suckered in by your blatant use of marketing techniques. Facebook doesn’t want you doing that ON ITS PROPERTY, so it stopped you.

All I can say is, ‘Well done Facebook, you might even restore a little of my faith.’ Anything that frees up space on my timeline for people I actually know — yes real people — I am right behind. The last thing I need to see is more commercial BS.

Go and find yourself a real career and stop complaining when people whom you are trying to exploit for your own benefit pull the plug on you.

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