7 Super Habits for Right-brainers
Shaunta Grimes

Okay, I get the list, but surely that’s all about ways to mitigate some of the chaos that being right brained can be associated with. It sounds simple but it’s not easy to do, if you’re not that way inclined. Trying to operate out of your comfort zone takes energy. For a really right brained person the comfort zone is chaos. As I see it, what you’ve done here is to produce a few things that potentially have a big effect on the chaos for relatively little energy spent. I think it is possible to take it further than that.

The crucial issue is to recognise that energy management is the key. I spent some time as a single parent (male) bringing up three kids. (3, 6 and 12 at the time I’m talking about.) At the end of each day the house was in chaos. If I tidied up right then I went to bed feeling more exhausted and often slept badly. I found that the trick was to stop once the kids were in bed; ignore the chaos, put on the headphones, close my eyes and play myself a symphony; lose myself in it, and let my energy come back in a right brain world for twenty minutes. After that tidy up, put in the laundry, set the dishwasher running (my version of your sink) and go to bed.

Similarly during the evening when the kids were demanding and I needed a break, I did the ironing. I know Americans may find this hard because everything over there is non iron, but in England, back then, we ironed.

The kids would demand things and I would say “Not now, I’m ironing.” It bought me fifteen minutes of tranquility. The thing about ironing is that you start off with crumpled stuff and end up with neatly folded clean clothes, and somewhere along the way my energy always recovered. Ironing as a chore was replaced with ironing as an energy boost. Ironing, seen in the right way, can be a right brain creative activity, playing with just the right amount of steam, getting the point of the iron into all those little spots that crease so easily. It’s a spatial awareness activity — right brain stuff.

I don’t want to imply that these tricks work for any right brained person all the time, but the key issue is to think through your energy management and find ways to let your brain recover from the tyrany of the left brain world

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