My Marathon NaNoWriMo Sprint
elizabeth tobey

Speaking of Nanowrimo, I hit just over 80,000 by the end. What Ireally need now is someone who would read the thing and tell me how bad it is. Nano is very good at sending loads of encouraging messages (that I don’t need) but it is sitting on a huge database of writers that it could put to more use.

Each person who enters says what genre their MS fits, So why is it not possible to ask entrants if they would be prepared to read another MS in exchange. I’d be happy to sign up to that, but I’ve never found a place where I can do that. I went to my local meetings, that turned out to be a max or six people, none of who were writing in the same genre.

As you say you are aquainted with someone close to the centre of the thing could you perhaps suggest this as a possibility. I would much rather pay into such a “club” than pay for a T-shirt.

Given the capabilities of the Internet, e-mail, Skype etc. a fellow reader could be anywhere, but someone in the same genre with a similar sized MS who would be prepared to swap reads is what would be great.

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