Rod Kagy Has Developed Fully Sustainable Development Model at MEAH Global

Rod Kagy serves as the Managing Director for MEAH Global a private development company that has created “SYNERGIZE” a fully Sustainable Economic Development System. As an entrepreneur Rod is responsible for leading the implementation of the company’s vision and mission. He has extensive experience as a successful Fortune100 Executive, Enterpriser and Stage business direction Leader. He has also served as an advisor for the start-ups in International development, option fuel, green energy, housing and health care.

Rod Kagy specializes in New Business Development, Project implementation and with an exceptional power to provide creative resolution to achieve desired result. As a Community Developer, he has helped to successfully finance, construct, and compete numerous affordable housing, historic development, and land projects representing key components to fully sustainable development model by evaluating few criteria:

Sustainable Power Source- Sustainable, clean and economical advancement is a concern for every nation. Most nations don’t have access to energy which is the foundation to economic stability and growth. At MEAH they enable the technology to accomplish the sustainable solution to communities by transforming the world’s waste into clean energy and giving power to the environment.

Sustainable Organic Food production- Nutritious nourishment is a key to great well being. At MEAH they have developed sustainable indoor organic growing system that frames 10% of the water utilized for horticultural. The world we live in is more than equipped for sustaining every one of its kind. Rod Kagy has been focusing on doing everything he can as leaders to improve and guarantee that he really understand the nee to “Finish Poverty.”

Zero Energy Housing- MEAH Global is designed for communities both domestically and internationally to have homes that are energy independent. They use a combination of solar energy, innovative designs framing local materials with an aim to build homes that are energy efficient.

Applied Training and Education- At MEAH Global, projects have a training component so that the stake holders in the community will eventually not on lead but own sustainable projects. We ensure that human beings in each nation are its greatest national resource; therefore, true sustainability can only come from educating people.

His diverse background in agriculture, applied science, new business development, and corporate leadership brings a unique skill to the company. He has served in various leadership positions and global agriculture and Biotech giant Ciba-Geigy where he achieved four promotions in five years.

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