The Running Remote experience showed me how bartering is becoming more and more popular in the 21st Century.

by Rodaq

Bartering is a system that goes back 6.000 years BC. It means trading services or goods with someone without any money involved in the process. Introduced in society by Mesopotamian tribes, it was updated and improved by several other civilizations, such as the Phoenicians and Babylonians.

Its existence did not end with the creation of money. As some say, bartering just became more organized. But before we jump into any capitalism matter, let’s stick to its original idea of giving value to anything that does not involve funds.

I live and work in Bali, Indonesia. This place has…

By Rodaq

Like many of you, I have always dreamed of being a full-time traveler and being paid while exploring the world. I’m not talking about travelling influenced by a touristic guide, though, or staying in that safe route between airport-hotel-touristic hotspots. I’m talking about being open to see the unseen, to experience the unknown. Yes, you need a fair budget to do it, and only this idea sets so many people away from pursuing the dream of living and working abroad. But it starts with the desire of leaving your comfort zone. I actually have never met anyone who…


Rodrigo de Aquino Angelim (rodaq), is a Product Designer, a Brazilian dreamer, a curious traveler, a remote worker, not in any particular order.

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