10 Ways To Beat Depression In Winter

It’s all too easy to fall into a depressed lull in Winter, but that can be very bad for your health, both mentally and physically. Take the preemptive steps that will keep you in control and stop you from being overcome by sadness.

1. Get more exercise. Many people gain weight after being stuck inside for long periods, and that alone will make beating depression in Winter 100 times more difficult. Keep yourself active for better mental health, and to fend off those idle pounds that tend to creep up on you. Set up a place inside your home where you can move freely; hang a motivational poster that will help you stay in the mood to exercise and set real goals that will keep you fit.

2. Make improvements to your diet. What you eat has a major influence over how you feel, so you need extra nutrition all season long. Skip the cheesecake, which may leave you feeling heavenly for a half an hour or so, and reach for the healthy vegetables that keep you going all day long, without packing on those Winter pounds.

3. Pamper yourself more. Winter is a great time to get back to your workout, enjoy long hot baths and devote more quality time to your inner and outer self. Instead of moping around, do something that makes you feel and look good, and don’t feel a bit guilty about it either!

4. Steer clear of too much drinking. Unfortunately, being stuck indoors for long periods can lead to excessive drinking, but that habit will surely backfire. While alcohol may pick you up in the moment, it will let you down by morning. Too much of it will also contribute to, rather than alleviate depression.

5. Go out and get some sunshine. Even when it’s cold out, fresh air and sunshine are still needed. In moderation and with adequate skin protection, you need the Vitamin D the rays give you. Take a walk around the neighborhood, using the opportunity to check up on others who may be suffering with cabin fever and the Winter blues, just like you.

6. Take care of things you’ve put off. There’s no law that says Spring cleaning can’t take place when it’s snowing outside, and you’ll get a good feeling of accomplishment by spiffing up your home. Clear out the closets you can barely shut the doors to or go through your clothes, getting rid of things you never wear anymore.

7. Make contact with old friends. One of the best ways of beating depression in Winter is to stay in contact with other people. The weather tends to isolate and that’s pretty much sad for anybody. Call up your best friend from high school or someone else you haven’t talked to in a long time.

8. Find new ways to relax. unwind and motivate yourself. Something like yoga or meditation will surely see you through to Spring, as it teaches you how to better control yourself and accept things you can’t change. Yoga can help prevent extra weight gain that is typical in Winter, too.

9. Pick up a new hobby. Winter can be downright boring, which will understandably lead to the blues. Try your hand at oil paints or wood carvings when you can’t get outside. Maybe what you create can be used to decorate your home or as gifts to others.

10. Sit down with a therapist. Even if you don’t feel like you’re blues are serious enough to warrant regular sessions with a professional, beating depression in winter can be difficult all by yourself. Have a seat and take a load off, and you just might be surprised at how much better you’ll feel. Since you’re probably not qualified to clinically evaluate your own depression, this one session may help you in ways unforeseen, particularly if the way you’re feeling is deep rooted and something you simply mask in better weather.

Winters can be long and hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept being miserable. Be proactive in how you handle your life during the cold months you’re indoors more, and beating depression in Winter will be a lot easier.