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Hello folks! Today I’m gonna share a solution to a problem statement that I did as part of an assignment given by Naivedya Jain and Brightigo.
So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the problem statement.

As a Product Manager for Whatsapp, you keep getting a lot of qualitative feedback. One of that feedback is -
"It would be great if we are able to schedule events / meetups / meetings through Whatsapp groups".
Your team has validated that there is a need for such a feature.
Your lead has now requested you to design a flow to execute this.

My approach —

I have started with the feature flow and have concluded with the wireframes.

So let’s start with the feature flow.

First, the user onboarding and user authentication processes takes place. After opening whatsapp application(if it’s already downloaded), the user is prompted if he is a registered user or not. If he answers in the negative, then he is again prompted if he wants to sign up or not. He can now either exit or continue the onboarding process by entering the phone number and other necessary details and verfiy it. After accepting the terms and conditions, he will be redirected to the home page.

In case the user is already registered on whatsapp, the user has to log in to his account and will be directed to the home page.

Now, comes the meat of this journey where we consider that the user chooses to schedule an event through whatsapp. Now he can do so either on personal chats or through groups. Here, we are interested about the latter.

Next, the user will be asked if the group already exists or not. If not, then a group has to be created and desired contacts added. Otherwise, the user will proceed and open existing group where he will be prompted if he wants to allow the group members to give their preferred timings. If the organiser denies and wishes to schedule on his own terms, then he will be directed to the next page where he can create an event by adding the event details. Also, he has to generate the link if he wants to use a different web conferencing platform. After that, the invite link is generated and sent to all or selected members in the group. The organiser has the liberty to reschedule the event meeting where he has the option to take the members’ preferred timings into consideration. Otherwise, the event will be confirmed and the objective achieved.

The second scenario is where the organiser takes the members’ preferred timings into account and creates a poll and on that basis proceeds to create an event.

Coming up next is the wireframe design-

We have the homepage which is a near exact replica of whatsapp. On selecting the drop down menu, there is a list of options where the user has to choose schedule event option. Now, I have considered the case where event will be scheduled through whatsapp groups. Next, there is an option to select multiple groups. Here, I have selected one group for simplicity. Now, on clicking on next, the organiser is prompted if he wants to allow members to choose preferred timings. On the basis of the response, there are two scenarios as mentioned earlier — the create poll and the go to create option. After creating event, the next page appears with the option to select all or particular members within that group to send the final invite.

P.S. The wireframes have been designed from the respective of the organiser.

Hope you have got a brief understanding of what I have intended to showcase. Also, this is solely my take on this problem statement and is not fullproof as such.

Thanks for reading so far!



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