Where art thou photos?

We all live life in photos and now take photos of EVERYTHING! We are bound to be frustrated in finding photos that we need for certain life events if we don’t know where they are. The same goes for printed old photos that are left unorganized in boxes. How fast are you able to locate your parents first kiss at their wedding? If ever, when was the last time you ever saw your baby photos?

Photos today are everywhere!

Computer hard drives, CDs, thumb drives, zip disks, floppy disks, online, off-line, cloud, oh my! It’s overwhelming that photos are scattered everywhere and with our busy lives, we place no importance or time to create and organized photo library or repository for when the photos are needed. Do we waste time trying find that photo to share with their loved one? As a photo organizer and being observant on how people share photos, when someone asks, “Do you have that photo of us at your friends party last month? The resulting action to find those photos is something that I call the scroll-forever-syndrome! Have you experienced that?

So what can you do to today to alleviate this pain of finding photos we want to share or need at certain life situations? It begins with your mindset and taking photos of people, places, and things that have value to your life. Truth is that we value our most recent photos than anything else. The value of our baby photos graduation photos, family photos, our children’s photos decreases significantly over time and it’s not until Life’s events happen and we are frantically searching and wasting precious time finding them to share them with others. So today I challenge you to take a deeper look at why you take photos in the first place. Again, what do you value? Where are the old “TBT” prints? Where are your digital photos located?

Knowing is beautiful.

Once you can answer all these questions, you are headed towards peace of mind knowing that you can find the photos that are once lost and now can be found.

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