A List of Organizations You Can Donate To Advocate for Communities Targeted by Trump’s Campaign

On November 13th’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver showed off his activist side.

Instead of just entertaining people and providing some humor after the election, he took things further. Instead of just liking or sharing pictures and videos on social media, he urged people to take more action. He invited people to support organizations that work for marginalized groups that have been targeted by Donald Trump’s campaign. He called on people to make donations to these specific organizations:

For people who wanted to support women’s health, you can donate to:

Planned Parenthood

“The Planned Parenthood Action Fund exists to ensure that elected officials support policies and programs that help women and their families make responsible choices about family planning and reproductive health.”

Center for Reproductive Rights

“The Center for Reproductive Rights uses the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill.”

For people who want to fight global warming, you can give to:

National Resources Defense Council

“The Natural Resources Defense Council works to safeguard the earth — its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.”

For people who want to help refugees, you can contribute to:

International Refugee Assistance Project

“The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) organizes law students and lawyers to develop and enforce a set of legal and human rights for refugees and displaced persons. Mobilizing direct legal aid and systemic policy advocacy, IRAP serves the world’s most persecuted individuals and empowers the next generation of human rights leaders.”

For people who want to fight for civil rights, you can give to:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

“The NAACP Legal Defense Fund provides legal assistance to poor African Americans and civil rights and voting rights activists, and brings lawsuits against violators of civil rights.”

For people who want to support our LGBTQ youth:

The Trevor Project

“Every day, The Trevor Project saves young lives through its accredited, free and confidential phone, instant message and text messaging crisis intervention services. A leader and innovator in suicide prevention, The Trevor Project offers the largest safe social networking community for LGBTQ youth, best practice suicide prevention educational trainings, resources for youth and adults, and advocacy initiatives.”

For people who want to support our Latin@ family and friends, you can contribute to:

Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund

“MALDEF staff attorneys are at the forefront against divisive and unconstitutional anti-immigrant measures in legislatures, Congress and the courts. Equally vital, MALDEF advances an affirmative agenda of immigrant integration, education for English Language Learners and political empowerment of the Latino community.”

Oliver urged that if we could make reoccurring donations, we should, because these communities need our support in the long run.

While supporting organizations like these and sharing posts like this on social media helps, we still need to do more to more to stand up to Trump’s dangerous rhetoric.