Why We Need Be More Responsible in Our Conversations

These are the times that we, meaning all of us, need to be more responsible with our discourse and in our daily conversations.

We need to be able to discuss issues, especially politics, responsibly. That means expressing your ideas thoroughly, eloquently, and clearly.

That means discussing (and even arguing) with others in a civil way that avoids name calling, ad hominem arguments, or any other type of logical fallacies. It means using facts (statements that can be supported by evidence) and logic (reasoning) to discuss your views with someone else’s.

It also means listening to other people’s points of view, even if you consider them “wrong.” It’s important to have an open mind. Having an open mind opens you to new ideas, possibilities, and opportunities; a closed mind denies you all of them.

Being responsible also means that we tell the truth and acknowledge when we’re wrong. That means when we talk with other people, we have a responsibility to share truthful information to them, not fake news. Fake news is not something new, but unfortunately it’s getting harder to determine what’s fake news and what’s not. That means that we need to make more of an effort to be truthful (you know, doing research and checking out multiple sources for validity and reliability).

Being truthful is how we make informed and just decisions. That’s why people are sworn to tell the truth in court. That’s why people in any boardroom need to be truthful with each other when making a unified decision. That’s why we rely on journalists and our news sources to contain valid and reliable information from the evidence they obtain. True information is essential for our society to function correctly.

The only way that we can help our society progress is by all of us being more responsible, especially with our how we talk to each other.