Performance is now one of the core value for modern web app. Most of the user shift the web browser experiences from desktop to mobile web. Other than smaller screen, lower CPU power, network condition becomes one of the important factor to make your content assessable to all users.

Adaptive Loading

We want all of our user can enjoy the same experiences globally regardless of the network conditions (and respect user’s preferences in terms of data consumption).

We use some aggressive prefetch/preload strategies in order to make seamless experiences on interactions. …

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Service worker finally lands on all the modern browsers 🔥[1]. It’s definitely a good time for you start playing around if you haven’t yet done so.

In short, service worker serves as a proxy that enables web application to provide a fast, reliable, and engaging experience. It also progressively enhance your exciting code base which make it even easier to adopt (and will not affect browsers that doesn’t support those features).

As service worker runs in a worker context and different Javascript thread, it could be a bit different than our regular client side Javascript code. Service worker also run asynchronously by design. All service worker runs through , and lifecycle. …

Tinder — One of the most popular online dating service, is now available on the web platform worldwide.

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Tinder Online

We start this journey not so long ago when the company already invested heavily on native app experience and advance machine learning technology.

We realize that not all users has the latest mobile device with big storage and ultra high speed network speed to run our native client. Web platform then serve a very good purpose — able to run mostly anywhere with a relative lite required resources.

Our web team has a relative small size, but we starts with a great mission — we want to deliver the performant and smooth web experience using cutting edge web technology. …


Roderick Hsiao

Professional dog walker and tech lead for Ex. Yahoo, Branch.

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