Looking up

Looking up

The tall green trees extended their branches far above my head, blocking the sun and casting long streaks of shadow and light in the path ahead. I realize that this view is familiar, yet new in some way.

With technology in the palm of my hand and the highway lifestyle of a freelance career, I haven’t looked up in a while. It’s great to keep your nose to the grindstone and focus with great determination — but we can’t forget to look up.

In our youth, we look up with wondrous awe at the world surrounding us. Our perspective is like that of a fish-eye lens — capturing the widest perception and detail. Everything is new. Everything is beautiful in the bright eyes of a sprawling imagination. Taking in visuals of a new world and turning them into magnificent scenes and dreams. But then we grow up and we stop looking up as much. We develop a shortage of fuel that feeds our imagination. We forget that it is there to be used. To guide us. To show a path within a path. To plant flowers along the way and notice shapes the cracks make as we stumble forward, sometimes meeting the very path face-to-face.

As the years tick by, we keep our head down for a variety of reasons. I thought to myself that many times, fear loomed above me and what I wanted accomplish — what I wanted to become— so I would look down. I would look down and see only the shadow of what is as I walked along and dragged my feet, knowing only too well that the very shadow that had become my friend was merely the negative of the positive above.

It’s all too simple, really. To change this perspective and understand that “disconnecting” from our present reality really means connecting with our true reality — that which we are surrounded with every day, be they beautiful individuals, a picturesque scene, or maybe even the blessing of a roof overhead.

You might just see something you’ve been needing to see when you look up.

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