First Medium Post

I was struck by the following from the following post: 1000 Words

By getting incoherent thoughts out of your head and onto a blank page, you make room for coherent thoughts and better ideas. This is especially useful when you’re doing something like writing a book.

I wonder what 1000 words looks like? I think I am self-aware but I also know that I lack fluency and flow when I touch a keyboard. Do I have time to write 1000 words in the morning? Will it set my mind on fire or slow progress on my many projects?

There is nothing like the mind of a child. Hard to imagine the strength it takes to do impossible things every day. Making sense of the demands of all-powerful but flawed and inconsistent adults. Performing feats of great physical strength such as simply lifting a pumpkin of a head with your scrawny neck or crawling along the floor. Learning to speak. Controlling and using the flood of emotion that accompanies every experience. Understanding and craving a routine that changes on a time-scale and rhythm beyond comprehension.

We are all much stronger than we know. We have proven this just by standing up and walking through the day.

So here I was at 1000 characters (before edits) after 20 minutes and about 180 words. That is an average of five characters per word. Gunning Fog Index is 8.688. The 20 minutes included a few passes forth and back to deal with the always-lurking flow-disruption of the Internet. Stopping today at over 250 words. That is a start.

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