sometimes i have a hard times in life, sometimes it’s good and a lot of time for me, it’s awfully hard. And no matter how i’m feeling, i always find myself thinking the same patterns of behavior. i feel myself stuck in the same thing that keeps repeating over and over again. i know that it’s me when i’m inside myself, when i’m in my own head.

i remember those old hard night where i can think about is how things goes wrong, the kind of the nights where i feel nothing but you see life as one hell of a messed up things happening one after another played freaking loop.

reminiscing back the years of thinking nothings going right, feeling lost and confused. like a stranger feeling has come to me. i was nothing but empy body walking on earth. i always wondering when will i ever feel alright.

i’m not blaming everyone but myself.. and nothing grows on me but selfhatred. i was scattered and i know that i lose myself but then everything stops when i accept things as what they are. it’s hard to stop the war within myself but i have to.

it is what it is and nothing more. let’s accept it, live it and only then you can own it. it might not the sweetest road to take but it’s the only way to get myself back in my feet.

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