Rename It!

Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss.

Rodrigo Soares
Jan 26, 2014 · 1 min read

Rename It is a Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss. It’s a port of the awesome photoshop plugin called Renamy

Demo Video


  • Add Name: Type “+” and the text to add at the end of the layer name (e.g., + button).
  • Sequence: Type “%N” to name layer in sequence. You can also use “%n” for reverse order. The more Ns you add the more digits it will add (e.g. , Item %NN).
  • Move Original Text: Type “*” to keep the original anywhere in the new name (e.g., Option * icon).
  • Add Width and Height: Type “%w” or “%h” to add the width or height of the layer (e.g., Icon %w x %h). Great addition by @GU5TAF


Just download the latest release, and double click Rename It.sketchplugin to have Sketch install it for you.

Get sketching!

    Rodrigo Soares

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    Designing, coding and in love. Life is good!

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