Bob’s Repair

Bob’s Repair

Bob’s Repair is raising funds by issuing ERC20 tokens called BOB tokens. The company will share 50 percent of its profits to token holders by purchasing BOB Tokens every quarter on the open market and burning them, ensuring that the value of the BOB token increases over time.This burning process is equivalent to providing quarterly buyback and reinvestment dividends.Bob’s Token as a security in compliance with SEC regulations Toensure regulatory compliance,Bob’s Repair has engaged counsel experienced with SEC regulations and international finance.

Bob’s Repair mission is to eliminate fraud and intermediaries in the skilled trade industry, bringing consumers low prices, transparency and a peace of mind when searching for a contractor.

The plan

To solve review fraud,hidden advertising fees,and inflated cost,Bob’s Repair has al ready enlisted the services dr Blockchain experts and experienced software engineers.To spread the word.Bob’s Repair plans to utilize the 50,000 person customer base from the sms platform,the cryptocurrency community,and social media.Bob’s Repair is confident that awareness will respond to the benefits of the platform,like higher take-home pay and more control of their schedule.Likewise,consumers will flock to the trustworthy reviews,lower prices,and better service.This will result in a thriving decentralized network of contractors and consumers

Over the past three years,the founders of Bob’s Repair successfully operated an automated SMS platform that directly connected consumers to contractors,transacting over $1,000,000 in revenue and facilitating over 50,000 ervice calls.Despite this success,the founders recognized that their Sms platform could not solve the three major problems facing consumers and contractors in the skilled trade industry

Bob’s Repair will leverage smart contracts to hold payments in escrow and issue them as milestones are completed.

The Prandecki brothers, together with blockchain experts and experienced software engineers, founded Bob’s Repair with the mission of launching a decentralized platform that will bring trust and fair pricing back to the consumer.

The 50,000+ customers that the Prandecki Brothers have previously connected to contractors will be on boarded on the Bob’s Repair application.

Anyone that has hired a contractor in recent years for home repairs has faced three problems false information due to review fraud,hidden costs due to advertising,and higher prices due to lack of pricing trasparency.These problems trick consumers into making poor decisions and wasting money Bob’s Repair will bring trust and fair pricing back to consumers by launching a decentralized marketplace built upon blockchain technology that connects contractors directly to consumers

Token Sale

· The exact number of tokens generated will depend on the amount of funds contributed. No token creation, mining or mining will occur after the ICO is over

· The Reserve Fund will be used to provide rewards to new customers, accelerate the growth of the token ecosystem and expand the company’s operations.

· Early bird bonuses are outlined in the White Paper. Join our Whitelist and Telegram channel to receive special bonuses.

· Information can be found on

To maintain revenue and growth,Bob’s Repair will follow the modern trend and revenue models.Bob’s Repair will not have membership fees,sig up coasts,or transaction fees.This keeps the barriers off entry as low as possible for contractors and prices as low as posible for consumers,which will facilitate growth,instead.Bob’s Repair will earn revenue by generating money through the steem blockchain , escrow services and providing targeted beneficial thrid-party services to contractors and consumers.



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