Bob’s Repair: Smart move to eliminate fraud in the skilled trade industry

There is a misconception among numerous youngsters today that the main way to a fruitful profession is through customary school or colleges. This has abandoned us with a significant number of the accompanying individuals:

They have degrees yet no clue what to do with them and they offer no undeniable work openings.

They clean up into deadlock employments with no genuine space for headway

They discover their way into an exchange unintentionally or fortunes and really take in a few aptitudes, profit and propel their vocation

The overemphasis set on the school course has blinded numerous youngsters to a genuine vocation in the gifted or skilled trade.

Since you are here then you should at any rate comprehend that that skilled trades exist, yet you presumably have questions.

The term skilled trade encompasses career paths that require manual work but are far above the level of simple labor or a construction job.

Illustrations that ring a bell are:

Electrician, Pipe Fitter, Plumber, Mechanic, Machinist, Framer, Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, HVAC Technician etc.

From statistics gathered from, I observed that trade or skilled workers earn more than some college graduate yet there is fraud in the same industry; the skilled trade industry, and as we know, wherever fraud exit, there is bound to be mistrust and where mistrust exit, there will be no peace of mind for a good transaction, or services to be rendered or received. Bearing than in mind, I introduce to you Bob’s Repair platform.

Bob’s Repair platform: Two siblings arethe founders of this platform and they have been interfacing contractual workers to consumers since 2013, overhauling 55,000 buyers and creating over $1,000,000 in salary for their temporary workers through advertising activities. Later on, the two siblings

The two siblings at that point chose to use Blockchain technology which is the latest turning point in technological advancement to take care of the considerable issues influencing the present home repair market by establishing Bob’s Repair.

Bob’s Repair platform is changing the world by beginning with the temporary workers.

How? One may ask.
 The aim of this platform; Bob’s Repair central goal was created for the purpose of eliminating fraud in the skilled trade industry by bringing all customers immediate and low costs, straightforwardness and a genuine feelings of serenity while hunting down a contractual worker and one way of achieving this is to launch a decentralized website where search can be done by anyone pertaining a worker and check out how their service is before contracting them.

To achieve this: Mission

· Bob’s Repair’s central goal is to totally wipe out misrepresentation and mediators in the businesses.

· Bob’s Repair is building a Trusted Transaction Network where consumers can characterize points of reference with contractual workers and discharge endless supply of each undertaking stage.

· Since 2014 Bob’s Repair has worked on more than 50,000 clients by associating customers to workers through the restrictive Skilled Trade Worker Platform (STWP). Bob’s Repair presently positioned to grow to the best 100 US Markets.

· Bob’s Repair will use smart contracts to hold installments bonded and issue them as points of reference are finished.

· Smart contract: is what is also known as a cryptocontract, is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain conditions. A smart contract not only characterizes the guidelines and punishments around an understanding similarly that a conventional contract does, yet it can likewise consequently authorize those commitments. With no broker, creatively secured, simple to utilize. With this consolidated into Bob’s Repair platform, straightforwardness and trust will be accomplished. As soon one party satisfies his piece of the request or supplies, the framework naturally do the assention that is prior set up and in a circumstance where one party misses the mark concerning desire, everybody will comprehend the implication..

Therefore for us to be able to enjoy these benefits and more to come in the future, you are officially inviting to join the token sale as follows:-

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